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Angel Unigwe Biography: Discovering the Rising Star

Angel Unigwe
Angel Unigwe

Angel Unigwe Biography: Discovering the Rising Star

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, Angel Oni Unigwe, better known as Angel Unig, shines as a bright young star. At just 18 years old, this Nigerian actress, model, and television presenter has already left an indelible mark on the Hollywood scene. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating life and career of Angel Unigwe, unveiling the secrets you might not know about this emerging talent.

A Glimpse into Angel’s Early Life

Angel Unig was born on June 27, 2005, in Lagos State, Nigeria. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, and though she was born in Lagos, she hails from Imo State in southeastern Nigeria. She spent most of her life in Lagos, where she received her education up to secondary school.

Educational Aspirations

While Angel has graduated from high school, she’s yet to begin her university education. It’s remarkable that despite her young age, she’s been acting for over a decade.

Meet Angel’s Parents

Angel’s mother is E Unig, a successful businesswoman and talent recruiter who also serves as the CEO of the renowned Five Star Talent Veil, a Lagos-based production company. It’s safe to say that the entertainment genes run strong in this family, as Angel’s twin brother, Bushi, is also an actor. She also has an older sister, Princess Shy Unig, who is an actress and model.

Angel Unig’s Acting Journey

Angel Unigwe began her acting career in 2015 when she made her debut in the movie “Allison Stand.” Her remarkable performance in this film paved the way for numerous other roles, showcasing her incredible talent and dedication to the craft.

Diverse Roles and Achievements

Angel’s versatility in the world of cinema has garnered her acclaim from both audiences and industry professionals. She has played significant roles in over 30 Nigerian films, solidifying her position as one of the industry’s top contributors.

Angel as a Model

Angel Unigwe
Angel Unigwe

In addition to her acting career, Angel is a successful model. She has graced the covers of various magazines and worked with numerous fashion brands. Her stunning looks and poise have made her a sought-after figure in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Angel’s Venture into Advertising

Angel Unig has not limited herself to the silver screen and runway. She’s a prominent face in the advertising industry, having done commercials and voiceovers for some of Nigeria’s most renowned brands.

A Glimpse into Her Filmography

Angel Unig’s filmography includes a diverse range of projects, such as “Light in the Dark,” “Three Thieves,” “King of Boys,” “Mute,” “Bereaved,” “Pains of Alia,” and many more.

A Closer Look at Her Net Worth

While Angel’s exact net worth is undisclosed, it’s estimated to be in the millions of naira. She’s one of the highest-paid teenage actresses in Nollywood, earning as much as 500,000 naira per movie appearance.

An Award-Winning Phenomenon

Angel’s journey in the entertainment industry has been decorated with prestigious awards. At just nine years old, she received the Best Child Model and Best Child Actress awards. Her accolades continued to grow, cementing her status as a rising star in Nigerian cinema.

A Bright Future Beckons

With an expanding fan following, a plethora of awards, and a promising future, Angel Unig is undoubtedly a rising star worth keeping an eye on. Her versatility and undeniable talent have set the stage for even grander achievements in the years to come.


In conclusion, Angel Unig’s biography is a testament to her exceptional talent and determination. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a shining star in the entertainment industry is nothing short of inspiring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Angel Unig’s most notable film role?

Angel Unig’s notable film role includes “Light in the Dark,” where she starred alongside acclaimed actors like Jide Silva and R. Dominic.

2. How did Angel Unig get started in the entertainment industry?

Angel Unig began her acting career in 2015 when she made her debut in the movie “Allison Stand.”

3. Is Angel Unig involved in modeling as well?

Yes, Angel Unig is a successful model who has graced the covers of various magazines and worked with numerous fashion brands.

4. What awards has Angel Unig won?

Angel Unig has received several awards, including Best Child Model and Best Child Actress awards at a young age, and later, awards like Best Young Promising Actress and Tribalize Award.

5. What is Angel Unig’s estimated net worth?

While her exact net worth is undisclosed, it is estimated that Angel Unig is worth millions of naira, making her one of the highest-paid teenage actresses in Nollywood.

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