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Average Time to Fall in Love: Insights & Psychology

Average Time to Fall in Love

Average Time to Fall in Love: Insights & Psychology


How long does it take to fall in love? The ‘average time to fall in love’ varies, with experts acknowledging that falling in love can happen in moments or grow over time. The ‘average time to fall in love’ is a question that intrigues many, yet it eludes a definitive answer due to its subjective nature. even the specialists are unable to provide an accurate timeline for these events. It’s a rare case when scientists from different fields agree: there is no specific amount of days, years, or periods to fall in love.

“We want a straightforward response, but it is more subtle than that. I believe it varies according to different people, different settings, and different ways of encountering one other. So there are a lot of individual variables in people who are in a relationship that may effect how long it would take to fall in love with another person,” suggested by positive development psychologist Professor Saeideh Heshmati.

According to Dr Sandra Langeslag, a behavioural neuroscientist at the University of Missouri, while we can assess varying amounts of love in couples throughout time, pinpointing when these sensations first manifest is tricky.

“We can see how love evolves over time. We do know, however, that attraction fades pretty fast over time. Although we don’t have a precise figure, the butterflies in your stomach will vanish. That can lead to attachment – and there is also evidence that attachment reduces over the span of decades for married couples,” she says.

Falling in love can signify different things – or in different places in your life. If you have fell in love a while or two before, you could know its complexity directly. You may even find it a tricky definition, no matter the number of times you have being in love.

Is it the first flush of overwhelming attraction that makes you feel dizzy, breathless and literally fall over? That spark of total assurance that you met your match at last? That moment when without that person you can no longer envision a life there?

There’s no straightforward answer, as you undoubtedly predicted.

Is there a formula for falling in love?

There is no perfect formula for determining how long it will take because no two individuals are same, and no two relationships are alike. The circumstances of how you met someone may influence the speed with which you fall in love with them – for example, if you previously knew one another through business or were best friends, you may have a strong foundational connection that allows you to psychologically and physically bond much more quickly. Furthermore, it could be influenced by your personalities, ages, emotional availability, and how frequently you see one other.

For obvious reasons, if you are seeing someone numerous times a week, you are more likely to fall in love with them sooner than if you are only seeing each other once or twice a month. Some people find that having intercourse or being romantically involved with someone helps them to become more emotionally attached to them. In addition, your relationship past can play a role: if you were married and divorced, went through a difficult breakup, or were deceived by an ex, it may take you a long time to fall in love with someone new since you are unconsciously guarding your heart.

Understanding the concept of “love at first sight”

Books, fairy stories, and chick flicks may have you think in the magic of accidental encounters and fortunate instant love, but the reality is a little more complicated. A scientific alternative is that people are attracted to one other at first sight.

It is likely that when you meet someone for the first time, you will know little about them aside from their personality traits and ability to commit, as well as their typical relationship behavior — you know, all of the variables that play a significant role in sustaining long-term love.

In truth, you don’t have much to go on other than physical appearance, and research from 2017 supports the notion that the majority of stories of “love at first sight” are the result of the initial spark of attraction.

The authors of the study also propose that some couples may choose to put a more romantic twist on their relationship by recalling that initial attraction of desire as a feeling of love.

According to a 2017 research done by Harper’s Bazaar and Elite Singles, 61 percent of women and 72 percent of men agree that falling in love at first sight is a legitimate experience. However, just because the vast majority of people believe something is possible does not imply that it will happen. Yes, it is possible to feel an instant connection and chemistry with another person. When it comes to love, true love necessitates getting to know the person, which takes a bit of time.

A 2010 research paper published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that it only takes a fifth of a second for people to release the brain chemicals that cause them to feel “in love.” This is a significant finding because it is difficult to replicate.

The question is whether or not that sensation is sufficient to sustain love. Love and commitment are two very distinct things, which tells why you can experience an instant connection with someone that fades as you begin to see various sides of them.

Stages of romantic love that are common.


It’s very much sexual desire at this time. The credit is to natural  drive of evolution for spreading the species of humans.

At a chemical level, estrogens and testosterone (which are present at different amounts in individuals of all sexes) contribute to the growth of libido and encourage physical activity. This is a fair explanation of why physical closeness generally comes with the early moments of a relationship.


This stage can also be characterized by feelings of desire and passion, but it is more serious in nature.

As an attraction grows and blossoms, your brain releases larger levels of certain hormones, particularly dopamine and norepinephrine, which are responsible for the feeling of pleasure. It is possible to have sensations of ecstatic happiness  but they can also cause sentiments of jealousy and the impulse to aggressively protect a companion (or partner) and the relationship.

In fact, this euphoric mood can begin to have an effect on other bodily functions, such as sleep and eating.


Once your attraction has reached a stable state, it has the potential to develop into a long-term attachment. The hormones oxytocin (often known as “the love hormone”) and vasopressin play the most important functions in this situation.

Here there is a stir up of desire to build long-lasting ties and to cultivate an already-existing attraction between you. Instead of mindlessly dancing to the beat of lust and attraction, you may also make  deliberate decision to nurture your feelings of affection for someone who feels appropriate for you at this point.

Conclusion (Average time to fall in love)

We all want to fall in love but you don’t want to fall in love too quickly. The question becomes, what is a decent moderate ground for efficiently building intimacy?

Typically, this means allowing love to blossom and bloom on its own terms rather than forcing it. Nurture fresh love by doing the following:

  • communication that is unrestricted
  • shares boundaries that are unambiguous
  • Vulnerabilities that are shared If you are having difficulty trusting a partner, Estavillo recommends giving them modest opportunities to win your trust. For example:

Examine how person reacts to your boundaries and determine their reactions.
Take into consideration how they behave when you express topics that are important to you.

Take risks together and see how it goes.

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