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Biography of Charles Stanley

Biography of Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley

Biography of Charles Stanley

Key Takeaway

Charles Stanley was a prominent American Southern Baptist pastor, televangelist, and author who served for nearly five decades as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta.


  • Charles Stanley was a Southern Baptist pastor who served as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta for 49 years.
  • He founded In Touch Ministries, a broadcast ministry that televized his sermons reaching a wide audience.
  • Stanley was a prolific writer and speaker, and his teachings focused on applying the Bible to everyday life.
  • He was a conservative evangelical and believed in dispensationalist premillennial eschatology.
  • Stanley was married to Anna J. Stanley for over 40 years before their divorce in 2000.
  • He died at his home in Atlanta in 2023 at the age of 90.

Charles Stanley: A Legacy of Faith and Broadcasting

Charles F. Stanley Jr. was a towering figure in American evangelical Christianity. For nearly five decades, he served as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, leading one of the largest congregations in the Southern Baptist Convention. But his influence extended far beyond the walls of his church, reaching millions through his television ministry, In Touch Ministries.

A Life Dedicated to the Ministry

Born in 25 September 1932, Stanley’s life was marked by faith from a young age. He became a born-again Christian at 12 and felt called to ministry by 14. After graduating from the University of Richmond and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Stanley embarked on a lifelong journey of preaching and teaching.

In 1971, he became the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, leading the congregation through a period of immense growth. He emphasized practical applications of the Bible in daily life, making his sermons relatable to a broad audience.

In Touch Ministries: Sharing the Gospel with the World

Recognizing the power of broadcasting, Stanley founded In Touch Ministries in 1977. His flagship program, “The Chapel Hour,” began airing in 1972 and became a staple for many seeking a message of hope and guidance. In Touch Ministries grew into a global media powerhouse, translating Stanley’s sermons into 50 languages and reaching millions through television, radio, and online platforms.

Stanley’s theological approach was firmly rooted in conservative evangelicalism. He adhered to dispensationalist premillennial eschatology, a belief system that interprets biblical prophecies about the end times. His teachings focused on themes of God’s love, overcoming challenges, and living a Christian life.

Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley

A Complex Legacy

Charles Stanley’s life and ministry leave a complex legacy. He was a revered figure to many, admired for his dedication to spreading the gospel and his commitment to pastoral care. His In Touch Ministries continues to be a significant force in Christian media.

However, Stanley’s personal life also attracted scrutiny. His divorce from his wife of over 40 years in 2000 caused controversy within the Southern Baptist Convention, which traditionally held strong views on marriage.

Charles Stanley’s passing in 2023 marked the end of an era. He leaves behind a remarkable legacy of leadership, faith, and broadcasting. His unwavering commitment to sharing his Christian beliefs leaves a lasting impact on millions around the world.


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