Home Global Gist Defeating Hamas in Their Underground Tunnels: Israel’s Challenge

Defeating Hamas in Their Underground Tunnels: Israel’s Challenge

Defeating Hamas in Their Underground Tunnels: Israel's Challenge
Defeating Hamas in Their Underground Tunnels: Israel's Challenge

Defeating Hamas in Their Underground Tunnels: Israel’s Challenge

In recent years, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has intensified, with a significant focus on the underground tunnels constructed by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. These tunnels have posed a unique challenge for the Israeli military, and the question on many minds is: Can Israel defeat Hamas in its own tunnels? To answer this question, we need to delve into the intricacies of this underground warfare and the strategies employed by both sides.

The Labyrinth of Tunnels

Hamas has invested heavily in building an extensive network of tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip. These tunnels serve various purposes, from smuggling goods to providing shelter and a means of communication for Hamas operatives. Some of these tunnels plunge as deep as 70 meters below ground, making them deeper than even New York’s deepest subway station. This depth presents a significant challenge for Israeli forces.

The Challenges Faced by Israeli Forces

Fighting underground is a formidable challenge. When Israeli forces enter these tunnels, they encounter numerous difficulties. The lack of light, limited space, and a shortage of oxygen make it an incredibly dangerous and disorienting environment.

Additionally, communication with the surface becomes a significant problem due to the depth and the thick layers of earth above. The electromagnetic spectrum is disrupted underground, making it hard for Israeli forces to communicate effectively.

Hamas, on the other hand, has hardwired communication systems that allow its leaders to communicate secretly underground. They avoid using computers or cell phones to evade tracking. This underground communication advantage gives Hamas a significant upper hand when fighting beneath the surface.

Cramped and Unpredictable Combat

Fighting in tunnels is cramped and unpredictable. While Israel may have the upper hand from the air, boots on the ground mean engaging in underground warfare, which is far from easy. To counter this, Israeli special forces have developed a sub-unit specifically trained in underground warfare. They have also experimented with anti-tunnel technology, including robotic devices to map the tunnels and aerial vehicles to navigate the underground passages.

The vastness of the tunnel network adds to the challenge. Hamas claims that it stretches for hundreds of kilometers, making it a maze with long, zigzagging passages. It’s like a city below the city, and reaching the heart of this underground network is a complex and dangerous task.

Sustaining the Underground

Hamas has shown remarkable resilience in sustaining its operations underground. It is believed that they can store months’ worth of supplies, including food, water, fuel, and ammunition. The tunnels also provide a safe space for manufacturing weapons. This capability allows them to continue their attacks, even when faced with restrictions on aid, fuel, and other essentials imposed by Israeli blockades.

The Humanitarian Dilemma

One of the critical factors that complicate any potential offensive against these tunnels is the presence of hostages. The tunnels are often used to hide hostages, and releasing them safely becomes a top priority. Israeli forces must be prepared for complex situations where they need to negotiate, rescue hostages, and eliminate the threat posed by Hamas simultaneously.


In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the question of whether Israel can defeat Hamas in its own tunnels remains a challenging one. The tunnels provide Hamas with a unique advantage, and despite Israel’s efforts to develop countermeasures, the situation underground remains complex and unpredictable. As the conflict continues, both sides will continue to adapt their strategies and tactics in this subterranean battleground.

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