Home Technology Do not Click on links offering free credit : NCC cyber alert

Do not Click on links offering free credit : NCC cyber alert

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Do not Click on links offering free credit, Data, gifts, Lottery win : NCC cyber alert

On todays Cyber alert alert we are looking at the ease at which people get tricked and taken advantaged on. The Do not click on links offering free credit NCC alert is an important message. Do you know how easy it is to click links that offer something people want?

I have had to advise several Whatsapp groups not to click on the links as they are either offering a fake scholarship or offering data in Nigeria from a website in china, or even a fake cocacola bonanza with link  of websites from china. And people actually click on these links, share it others in their lists, friends and family.

A method known as click baiting is used in most of these messages.

click bait: offering free credit, Data, gifts, Lottery win

What is Click Baiting

Click baiting happens when a blog post is written to purposely generate a high volume of clicks from social media with the goal of increasing page views, ad impressions, and other metrics. This article will explore how click baiting can lead to negative consequences for both the publisher and the reader.

Many people have been exposed to click-bait headlines – those tempting titles that seem so tantalizing you just have to click on them.

but what exactly is a click-bait headline?

A click-bait headline is a type of attention-grabber that uses language that encourages readers to take action without providing any information about what they can expect from doing so.

People may think they are being helpful by providing content that people may be interested in, but at the same time, they are not.

How Click baiting has being become a security Challenge

When it comes to the internet, scammers and hackers have a variety of methods for stealing your personal information. But all too often, the victim of the data theft assists the scammer in his/her work.

As long as you click on the link and install the virus, the hacker’s job is complete. In order to mine your data, all he has to do is sit back and wait for the virus he sent you to infect you.

Other method used include making you to fill in your details on a fake website. When you do that, your personal Identifiable Information has being collected.

At the least click baiting will only waist your time. On the other hand it could lead to serious cyber security compromises like identity theft, ransom ware attacks, data stealing.

The Do not Click on links offering free credit, Data, gifts, Lottery win : NCC cyber alert, is a wake up call to be care. If its too good to be true as it is said it actually is.


  1. Do not click on links offering too good to be true offers and links are hidden behind a shortened website.
  2.  Always look at the website name (website URL) before you fill in personal information. A website promoting a give away from legitimate websites with . Cocacola for example will always publish any promotion on its official website and not on a website that is in china.
  3. Be careful of links of promotions you did not officially apply for and you got an email or message of social networks you didn’t actually apply for.
  4. Click a link will not give you data subscription. When you see those kind of links break the chain of transmission by not sharing it.
  5. If you are not sure about a link, ask for help. If its in the office, call on the attention of your Information Technology Department asses.
  6. #Becyberaware.


The National Communications Commission( NCC) has sent a national SMS message for Nigerians to be careful with clicking on links offering free offering free credit, Data, gifts, Lottery win etc. It is best to be careful as we live our lives online.

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