Home Movies-stories Dwayne Johnson pitched an unexpected Hobbs & Shaw 2 story

Dwayne Johnson pitched an unexpected Hobbs & Shaw 2 story

Dwayne Johnson pitched an unexpected Hobbs & Shaw 2 story

Dwayne Johnson pitched an unexpected Hobbs & Shaw 2 story

Dwayne Johnson discusses his surprising Hobbs & Shaw 2 narrative concept to Universal Pictures and what it will take to get the sequel realized. The 2019 action thriller centers on Johnson and Jason Statham’s titular characters, who are compelled to work together to safeguard Shaw’s MI6 agent sister from a cybernetically-enhanced terrorist when she is infected with a lethal illness. Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby, Eiza González, Cliff Curtis, Helen Mirren, and Ryan Reynolds round out the ensemble for Hobbs & Shaw, which also includes Johnson and Statham.

Hobbs & Shaw was a critical and financial success, with critics complimenting Johnson and Statham’s humorous chemistry as well as the large-scale action scenes, and grossing more than $760 million against a $200 million budget. Producer Hiram Garcia suggested the prospect of a sequel shortly after the film’s release, as all of the cast and crew began discussions to return, while series writer Chris Morgan and director David Leitch brainstormed narrative ideas for a sequel. While Johnson announced last year that a sequel was in the works, with Morgan returning to write the script, the actor has provided an interesting update for the project.

Dwayne Johnson pitched an unexpected Hobbs & Shaw 2 story

Johnson talked with Sirius XM’s The Jess Cagle Show on the possibilities of a Hobbs & Shaw sequel in advance of the release of his Netflix movie Red Notice. Johnson said that the film’s and other projects’ delays are due to schedule conflicts, although he did offer his own sequel concept to Universal and Morgan, which the two praised. Take a look at what Johnson had to say:

So when it comes to Hobbs and Shaw, which we loved and loved making that movie, there’s an idea that I had that I called Donna Langley, called our writer Chris Morgan, our producer Hiram Garcia. And I said, ‘I have this idea and this direction for Hobbs.’ And I pitched it and they all loved it. It would be the antithesis of what Fast and Furious movies generally are in that they continue to go on and go on and go on, in this case, I still want to do the quintessential Hobbs movie. That, without giving it away, you watch a man walk off into the sunset.

Donna loved it and they’ve been wonderful partners at Universal, but I said, ’You know, we have an opportunity here, I think to go against the grain and let’s disrupt things a little bit, and let’s create a movie within the Fast and Furious world that is unexpected, that I think people will go, ‘Oh man, like, wow, thank you for that.’ So we’ll see.

Honestly it is. ‘When do you want to make it?’ Or ‘when can you make it?’ I mean, that’s Donna’s words to me is, ‘When can you make it?’ What I’m telling you guys is I reached a point in my career where it now becomes just a matter of timing.

Though Johnson has been tight-lipped about the specifics of his Hobbs & Shaw 2 story pitch, his tease of “a man walk off into the sunset” and his decision to go against the flow of the ongoing Fast & Furious films appear to indicate that his plan is to bring his time in the franchise to a proper end. Aside from the blockbuster spin-off, Johnson has been notably absent from the action franchise since the filming of The Fate of the Furious, in which he and co-star Vin Diesel had a falling out, resulting in his character’s absence from the primary sequels. Johnson has also said that he will not be appearing in Fast & Furious 10 or 11, the mothership franchise’s next last chapters.


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If Johnson’s Hobbs & Shaw 2 story pitch is true, it will be a rare sense of closure for fans of any Fast & Furious character, especially after F9: The Fast Saga chose to bring back Jordan Brewster’s Mia and hinted at the return of Paul Walker’s Brian, despite the latter’s death and the series’ story wrapping up in Furious 7. Johnson’s exit from the Fast & Furious series would open the door for him to take on other possible franchises, given his busy schedule, which includes the long-awaited DC Extended Universe picture Black Adam and sequels to Jungle Cruise, Jumanji, and San Andreas. Only time will tell what the future holds for Hobbs & Shaw 2, as Universal is now focused on wrapping up its mainstream projects.

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