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Obvious, it is a beautiful film. For landscapes, good intentions around a real case as manifesto, for the moral conflicts, shadow of fear and the good remind of Stravinski creation. But it remains one ad usum Delphini film. Sure, the memories about Brokeback Mountain and sparkles of Doctor Zhivago are useful but as a sort of support. I just love the work of Tom Prior and Oleg Zagorodnii , I appreciate, in high measure, the performance of Diana Pozharskaya but something seems ignored or missed or to easy used. The cause, maybe, the film is proposed to a Western public. And I admitt, I do not know the book inspiring the movie. But, not ignoring its beauty, I feel it deserves be better. More than beautiful, soft bitter, adapted to a large public taste, using silly dialogues because it is just hard to accept the naivety of the two men and the way to escape to the eye of officials. But, I reppeate, it is just a beautiful film. Not perfect, because, behind the sparks of gestures, intense sad love story, part of army and crumbs of Soviet life style, are too many holes and large unrealism. It seems too…didactic. Naif, fake. Sure, my expectations about it were more than high. But the result is only decent for few mistakes who are good saboters of a charming story remaining promissing sketch. Sure, handsome actors and not bad script. But , maybe as result to be an Eastern European, the feeling about something is missing remains. So, decent, with few scenes just lovely.

2022-03-08 21:19:26


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