Home Global Gist News ‘General’ Pere wins IVM Caris at Innoson

‘General’ Pere wins IVM Caris at Innoson

General’ Pere wins IVM Caris at Innoson
General' Pere wins IVM Caris at Innoson

‘General’ Pere wins IVM Caris at Innoson

Despite the fact that the Big Brother Naija reality show is about to come to an end in less than five days, Pere, Shine Ya Eye’s roommate, has won a brand new IVM Innoson automobile.

If you are familiar with the Big Brother Naija reality show, you would be aware that the Innoson challenge is one of the most sought-after tasks in the house since the winner of the competition receives a brand new automobile from Innoson.

The housemate took part in yesterday’s game on his or her own accord.

The game put the housemates’ aiming abilities, mental fortitude, and endurance to the test.

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They were instructed to stand on a platform that was sandwiched between a series of bolts and nuts, with buckets dangling by a thread above them.

To do this, the roommates must use a magnet tied to a thread to pick up bots and nuts off their backs, place them on the floor, and toss them into a bucket in front of them until the bucket becomes too heavy for the rope to support and falls.

When the bucket falls, the housemate is expected to dash to a mimic key hidden beneath the shattered glass of the bucket.

If a bucket falls without a nut or bot entering it at the time of the fall, the housemate in question is disqualified.

At the conclusion of the game, White Money’s bucket was the first to fall, but it did so prematurely, and as a result, he was disqualified from participating.

Pere‘s bucket tumbled to the ground after he had filled it with enough bolts and nuts (38).

The remaining roommates, Angel (36), Liquorose (7), Cross (38) and Emmanuel (48), were unable to get their buckets to fall as they attempted to.

After winning the Innoson challenge, Pere is walking away with a brand new IVM Caris 2021 model from the manufacturer.


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