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Gossip Girl New 2021 TV series


Developed by Joshua Safran for HBO Max, Gossip Girl is an American teen drama streaming television series. Based on the Cecily von Ziegesar novel series, it’s both an update and a stand-alone sequel to The CW television series of the same name. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who co-created the original series with Safran, serve as executive producers and showrunners on this new iteration.

HBO Max ordered the series in July 2019 and it will premiere in the fall. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, filming was originally slated to commence in March 2020, but was postponed until November 2020.

Kristen Bell reprises her role as “Gossip Girl,” an anonymous and omniscient blogger, in the series’ narration. With Jordan Alexander, Whitney Peak, Tavi Gevinson and Eli Brown as the helm with Thomas Doherty and Evan Mock also on board, the series boasts an impressive ensemble cast.

The HBO Max premiere of Gossip Girl took place on July 8th. Two six-episode arcs will make up the first season, which will premiere in November 2021. The show got revived for a second season in September 2021.

THE Story

Gossip Girl keeps an eye on a fresh group of Manhattan private school students nearly a decade after the original series ended, as they show how dramatically social media and the city of New York have changed in that time. Because of HBO Max’s more lenient guidelines, Gossip Girl will have more explicit content than the original on The CW. In addition, the cast will include non-white protagonists and characters that identify as gay or lesbian.

Executive producer and showrunner Joshua Safran confirmed that the new Gossip Girl series is officially in the same time period as the original series. Instead of a direct sequel, it’s a continuation of the same world, but with a new cast of characters and a new perspective on events.

Gossip girl who is ?

  • Julien Calloway who is  Audrey, Luna, Monet’s best friend, and Obie’s ex-girlfriend who has lately been reunited with her maternal younger half-sister, Zoya, played by Jordan Alexander. She is Constance Billard’s main character, queen bee, as well as a fashion influencer.
  • Zoya Lott, Julien’s morally upright maternal younger half-sister and a scholarship freshman at Constance Billard who develops a relationship with Obie, is played by Whitney Peak.
  • Tavi Gevinson plays Kate Keller, an English teacher at Constance Billard who, fed up with Luna and Monet’s bullying, forms a ring of instructors known as “Gossip Girl.”
  • Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV, played by Eli Brown, is an immensely wealthy do-gooder who is called a guilty rich and is Aki’s best friend as well as Julien’s ex-boyfriend, who eventually develops a friendship with Zoya.
  • Max Wolfe is played by Thomas Doherty, a pansexual and headstrong flirt who has feelings for Aki, Audrey, and Rafa.
  • Audrey Hope is played by Emily Alyn Lind, a contemptuous adolescent who is Julien’s best friend and Aki’s lover, but has feelings for Max.
  • Evan Mock plays Obie’s best friend and Audrey’s bisexual lover, Akeno “Aki” Menzies, who has a crush on Max.
  • Nicholas “Nick” Lott, Zoya’s loving father and a lawyer, is played by Johnathan Fernandez.
  • Jordan Glassberg, a computer science teacher at Constance Billard who helps operate the Gossip Girl account, is played by Adam Chanler-Berat.
  • Luna La, a transgender stylist and Julien and Monet’s best friend, is played by Zión Moreno.
  • Savannah Lee Smith plays Monet De Haan, Julien and Luna’s imposing and strong lesbian best friend and Julien’s social media manager.
  • Rafa Caparros, a classics teacher at Constance Billard who attracts Max’s attention and is a sexual predator who preys on his students, is played by Jason Gotay.
  • Gideon Wolfe, Max’s father and a theatre impresario, is played by Todd Almond.
  • Kiki Hope, an athleisure clothing designer and Audrey’s drunken mother, is played by Laura Benanti. Following her divorce due to her husband’s infidelity, she has a tense connection with her daughter.

The voice of gossip girl

Kristen Bell repeats her position as “Narrator of Gossip Girl,” an online anonymous figure, as she did in the 2007 series.

Episodes of the series

1. Just Another Girl on the MTA

As children return to school following the COVID-19 outbreak, a group of exhausted teachers creates an Instagram account as the all-knowing and anonymous “Gossip Girl” in order to reclaim control from their adolescent tormentors. The professors set their eyes on Julien Calloway, an influencer and student who has covertly bought off the staff to get her younger half-sister, Zoya, admitted, in order to generate a conflict that rivals that of past students Blair and Serena. Julien and Zoya are reunited, but Julien’s father and Julien’s friends are unaware of their lengthy history of social media communications. “Gossip Girl” reveals their secret friendship and how Julien paid for Zoya to earn a scholarship after catching a picture of Zoya and Julien’s boyfriend, Obie, and saying the two are secret lovers after Julien invites Zoya into her group of pals. Julien devises a ruse to clear Zoya’s name at Julien’s fashion presentation, but Monet and Luna conspire behind Zoya’s back to get her thrown out. After Julien fails to assist Zoya, the two break up as Zoya discloses her intention to overthrow Julien and grows close to Obie after Julien is dumped. Audrey and Aki, meanwhile, develop feelings for Max.

2. She’s Having a Maybe

Audrey is dismayed when her mother, Kiki, fails to show up for parent–teacher conferences while the teachers prepare. Audrey persuades Kiki to attend the school’s black-tie fundraiser, but she becomes outraged when she becomes inebriated and behaves improperly. Meanwhile, Obie tries to make a connection with Zoya. Julien photoshops an image of herself and Obie together after “Gossip Girl” shares a picture of the two together, prompting “Gossip Girl” to be called a liar. When it appears that Zoya will be forced to leave school, Julien intervenes to apologize to her and persuade their fathers to allow her to stay. Max, despite the fact that he is a teacher, sets his sights on Rafa. Before Rafa agrees to hook up with Max after he graduates, he makes several advances, including making out with Aki at a bathhouse to make Rafa jealous. After becoming enraged by Aki, Audrey sleeps with Max.

3. Lies Wide Shut

After a night of partying, Julien and Max learn that Max’s father is cheating and Julien’s father has a secret lover, Lola. Obie meets Nick, who ultimately agrees to let Zoya and Obie go on a date, but after dealing with the response on the Internet, Zoya seeks help from Luna for a makeover. Audrey and Aki are sure that a post on “Gossip Girl” about students cheating in relationships is about their own escapades with Max. To catch his father in the act, Max asks Aki to establish a phony dating profile in the name of Rafa, and Max and Julien discreetly invite Rafa and Lola to the opening night of a Broadway show. Max, upset and high, discloses Roy’s adultery to Gideon and then reveals Aki and Audrey’s infidelities to the two before spending the night on Rafa’s couch. Julien and Davis agree that he doesn’t need to keep Lola hidden any longer. In the meantime, the school engages an intelligence team to investigate “Gossip Girl.” Kate and Jordan, desperate, deceive Reema into posting while their firewall is down, causing Reema to be caught and blamed for the account.

4. Fire Walks with Z

It’s Zoya’s birthday, and Gossip Girl, of course, announces it. “That’s the day my Immunodeficient Mom died giving birth to me!” Zoya exclaimed to Nick, and she and her father had a custom of not commemorating it on the actual day, but the day after. Julien, Zoya suspected, was the only one who could’ve told GG. Zoya yearned for a more ordinary day… But that’s not going to happen today!

It Wasn’t Your Ordinary Day
Julien makes the decision to try something new. Rather than going live with her makeup on, she went natural and encouraged her fans to do the same. As she trotted off to school, she had an unexpected visitor in her home. Lola stayed the night, which was a little too soon for her tastes.

Kate was offered the chance to be published in the Paris Review, but she was too preoccupied with spying for the Gossip Girl account to pay attention. The other teachers persuaded her to take a chance and hand the steering wheel over to them. Since today is little Z’s birthday, Ms. Keller expected something to shake from the tree.

In front of the school, Obie ordered a fleet of food trucks with a range of dishes. He had no idea what her favorite was, so he got them all! Awwww… that’s so sweet! On one vehicle, they even had a giant “Happy Birthday Zoya!” sign! When Obie welcomed her, he discovered the hard way that it wasn’t her special day. Julien, too, got a tongue-lash from Zoya in reaction to her HBD welcome.

The Hatfield & McCoy Feud Obie apologized for the food truck surprise and offered to take Zoya and Nick out to dinner to make amends. So Zoya dialed her father’s number right away, only to receive some unpleasant news. It appears that they will be evicted for “squatting” in her grandmother’s home, and the housing board has been notified. That someone was Luna, and she had just DM’d Gossip Girl with that delicious tip! Worse, Luna set Julien up to take the fall, putting the sisters back at odds!

Luna and Monet are attempting to drive a rift between the sisters by persuading Julien to attack before Zoya responds. They even plan a great celebration in her honor. When Zoya discovers this, she responds by hosting her own party with the help of Obie.

As Obie walked away, a strange prodigy youngster named Milo Sparks emerged next to Zoya. He said that he could assist her. When Julien had a private meeting with him, the kid genius utilized his computer hacking skills to troll Julien’s Twitter account and exploit an old tweet against her. This prompted Cancel Culture to do what they do best: cancel Julien’s party. When Julien noticed that everyone was leaving, she went live to explain that the celebration was in honor of their mother and that it was also a charity event. This enraged Zoya, who increased her onslaught!


5. Hope Sinks

As Halloween approaches, Zoya and Julien decide to form a partnership in order to win the annual couples costume contest. However, the sympathy and attention vote may go to a rivaling high school, which is currently in the headlines because a student brought a pistol to school and it was discovered. It was for “protection” against Gossip Girl, they claim.

When the teachers hear about the gun on the news, Kate decides to take a vacation from posting on Gossip Girl because it is affecting the lives of all children in the city, well beyond their school. Everyone is on pins and needles. The other teachers aren’t on board.

Zoya ran across Simon Vera on the MTA one day. He didn’t know what Gossip Girl was because he had an ancient flip phone. He explained why she shouldn’t be following the obsessive account, and she agreed. Of course, this was around the time that a photo of the two was taken. GG used this to start a wedge.

At a party, Simon met Zoya and the two exchanged phone numbers. This drew the attention of Obie and the gang. Halloween is an excellent opportunity for a hidden rendezvous. Julien and Zoya appear to have truly buried the hatchet. Unfortunately, according to Gossip Girl, Zoya buried the hatchet in Obie’s back.

Katherine, Audrey’s mother, made her favorite supper as a gesture to cheer her up after hearing the dreadful news. As it turned out, the financial downturn was impacting their opulent New York home, and her mother had to inform her that they were selling and relocating.

Audrey flatly refused and insisted that her mother come up with a solution because she wasn’t moving!

In an attempt to convince her mother to stay, the girl plotted to let her mother realize how much she loves the city, but this backfired and blew up in her face.

Max gives Aki an indication that he might be fooling around with Mr. Caparros. Finding the truth becomes practically an obsession for him, to the point that he loses focus on Audrey. Max threatens him not to divulge his assumptions when he confronts him with them.

Because Aki couldn’t persuade Max to quit his foolishness, he tracked him down to a homosexual bar and confronted him. He threatened to tell Gossip Girl about them. Mr. Caparros, on the other hand, redirected the situation with his own threats.

The bond between Zoya and Obie is fading, and they’re viewing things differently—even avoiding one other. And the addition of a new character isn’t helping matters.

It doesn’t help Zoya’s grades, which are falling and she requires tutoring. Ms. Keller was enlisted by her father. This was Kate’s chance to speak with the source more closely. It brought her closer to Nick as well.

Zoya tells Kate about her breakup with Obie and her feelings for Simon, whom she had been trying to avoid. Kate persuades her to talk to the boy. They eventually meet, and a post about it appears on Gossip Girl. This incensed Kate, who temporarily banned the Gossip Girl account, preventing the other teachers from accessing the site. GG went completely dark.

6. Parentsite


Julien did not perform well on her PSATs, which disturbed her father, Davis, who questioned her about it. He is more concerned with the opportunities that education provides, having been unable to complete college. They clashed over her priorities, as she is more concerned with her brand than with her career. She vowed to demonstrate to him that the venture would be successful and worthwhile.

Julien spoke with Luna about transforming her brand into a viable job. Luna envisioned erasing her from time, elevating her from influence to significance. To test the waters, she required a collaboration with a well-known brand.

The meeting was a whirlwind of interest from multiple brands. She want brands that were inclusive of women of color. However, their conversation caused her to pause. Who is going to gain her business? The most recent pitch she heard was quite promising, since it promised to allow her to express herself in her own evolving manner.

Max obstructed Rafa (Mr. Caparros.) Rafa eventually caught up with Max to speak, but the adolescent had had enough of the teacher. So much so that he threatened him with expulsion from class if he had sex with another student.


However, later that day at school, Rafa saw Max and Aki were not adding odds as normal, became suspicious, and devised a plan to finally board the Gossip Girls’ train. He discussed donating with Kate. Is he going to spread some rumors about Max and Aki? Is this in retribution for Aki’s bar treats? He possesses insider knowledge. Kate requested that he begin modestly, but he delivered a tasty tip!

Max was rumored to have an STD by Gossip Girl! Therefore, anyone who has had sexual relations with him should seek medical attention immediately!

Max confronted Rafa for giving the rumor to Gossip Girl. Rafa escalated the situation by contacting his estranged father, Roy. Max eventually went to Roy to speak with him about Rafa. They exchanged heartfelt words. Max admitted to having an affair with Rafa. He also urged Roy to speak with Gideon following their divorce.

Nick and Kate are playing around. After the tutoring session, he invited her to remain for dinner. She claims she is uninterested in him… nonetheless, she is! Nick even offered her to supper, and she inquired as to if they could dine that night.

Regrettably, Kate received some awful news on the Gossip Girl page. It was her and Nick who were spotted out on a date. It was Jordan’s doings. She challenged him about it—but there was a double standard in place when she was in the firing line. Kate stated that she was attempting to get information about Julien and Zoya’s mother for GG’s website. Jordan eventually urged Kate to maintain a strictly professional relationship with Nick. He was disappointed.

Helena, Obie’s mother, is in town, and Gossip Girl is covering it all. She is in town for business and meets with Roger, Aki’s father. Zoya went out of her way to see Helena on her own. The woman was taken aback when she discovered they were dating after he failed to inform her. Helena extended an invitation to supper. It was incongruous with Obie being unaware of her approach. Zoya was adamant about not attending the event. Julien, on the other hand, urged her to confront Obie and attend supper.


Gossip girl on netflix

After departing Netflix at the end of 2020, Gossip Girl found a new home at HBO Max in the fall of 2019. (This is understandable given that the relaunch will be available on the platform this summer.)

It premiered on The CW in the early 2000s, which is owned by the same firm as HBO, WarnerMedia, and became a smash series. As soon as HBO Max went live in May 2020, WarnerMedia declared that it would transfer Gossip Girl to the platform “during the first year of the platform’s launch.”

The new Gossip girl 2021 is  launched on HBO Max.



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