Home Market KiTiDOT: The Amusing Cat Collar Toy for $23

KiTiDOT: The Amusing Cat Collar Toy for $23

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Satisfy your cat’s hunting need by just giving it an uncatchable red dot. KiTiDOT Amusing Collar does it, in the safest way, anywhere in the house. Designed to keep your cat prancing, pouncing, and playing, this well-fit collar is irresistible to most pets–even small dogs. Channel their energy in a game of chase through your home to help sharpen reflexes and get them to cheer up and move any time of day.

  • Hunting fun. A wicked red dot that your cat would never figure out how to catch
  • 3 beam modes. Switch between Normal, Constant, & Flickering
  • Safer play, anywhere. Your cat controls the laser so no more beaming right into their eyes
  • 45° angle range. Adjust how far and the position the beam is projected
  • Cat-friendly materials. Non-toxic, soft, & comfortable materials



  • Color: black
  • Material: ABS, TPU
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″
  • Weight: 21.1oz
  • Beam modes:
    • Normal
    • Constant
    • Flickering
  • Adjustable fit
  • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • Angle range: 45°
  • Cat-friendly materials
  • Comfortable collar
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty


  • KiTiDOT: The Amusing Cat Collar Toy
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Manual

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