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Kopaonik in Serbia skiing resort

Kopaonik in Serbia skiing resort

Kopaonik in Serbia skiing resort


Kopaonik is Serbia’s largest ski resort, with well-prepared runs that provide endless excitement to all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts. The Kopaonik ski resort has roughly 55 kilometers of alpine skiing runs and 12 kilometers of cross-country (nordic) skiing runs. We have created a lighted course “Malo Jezero” in the resort’s heart for people who prefer skiing at night. Apart from that, we have created a secure “ski kindergarten” area with a conveyor belt and a carousel for the smallest skiers and all those who are taking their first ski steps, making learning basic skiing skills easier.

97 percent of the resort is covered in artificial snow. Karaman A and B, Pancicev Vrh, Duboka 1 and 2, Suncana Dolina, Malo Jezero, Krst, Krcmar, Knezevske Bare, Mali Karaman, Marine Vode, Karaman and the nearby ski roads, as well as the Gobelja run, are all covered by this system. Artificial snowmaking systems extend the skiing season, and skiers of all levels, from novices to experts, can be confident that they will be able to enjoy the season on well-prepared runs.

A system of chairlifts and ski lifts connects all of the lines, with a capacity of over 32.000 skiers per hour. One six-seater chairlift with a capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, four detachable high-speed four-seaters (with a total capacity of 10,000 skiers per hour), three fixed four-seater chairlifts with a loading conveyor belt (with a total capacity of about 6,200 skiers per hour), two T-bar ski lifts with a capacity of 2,400 skiers per hour, and eight platter type ski lifts with a capacity of 6,500 skiers per

Apart from skiers and snowboarders, the four-seater chair lift “Pancicev vrh” transports visitors to this ski resort who take a sightseeing tour of the mountain and participate in the numerous activities offered by the ski resort during the full winter season, as well as during the summer.

Aside from alpine and cross-country (nordic) skiing routes, the Kopaonik ski resort also boasts a snowboard park that holds various regional and international contests.

Skiing in Kopaonik, Serbia, is becoming increasingly popular with skiers who want to go away from the commercial skiing facilities of Central and Northern Europe in pursuit of more naturally occuring skiing tracks in the country’s mountains. With a snow range of 1770 to 2017 metres and a hamlet perched at 5,000 feet above sea level, Kopeonik in Serbia is considered to be the answer to many skiers’ prayers. When traveling from the nearest airport, Kopaonik is well worth the effort due to the fact that it offers cross-country skiing, night skiing, paragliding, sleigh rides, ice skating, indoor tennis and numerous other activities for winter sports enthusiasts.

The mountain stretches 35,000 feet into the chilly Serbian sky, while the ski lifts only ascend to 6,617 feet on the other side. Despite the fact that it has hosted multiple international snowboarding contests and cross-country skiing events, the skiing facility has yet to hold a significant skiing event of significance. The living quarters are reasonable in terms of pricing, which would please even the most weary of travellers. During the ski season, skiers can sample traditional national dishes like as Burek (pastry, cheese, spinach) and Pljeskavica (grilled mince) for less than $10 per meal. There are still some classic favorites on the menu such as burgers, chips, and pizza, and the beer is only $1.50, which can be a pleasant surprise for those vacationers who want to do a little more than just ski! The living space can accommodate more than 5,000 visitors at a time, and the pubs and clubs in the surrounding region make the vacation destination more appealing to younger visitors. Despite the fact that Kopaonik is known as a winter paradise, many people make the mistake of traveling there for Christmas and finding the festivities to be insignificant in comparison to western culture. This is another issue that has become rather prominent.

With a variety of distinct piste types Beginning, intermediate, and advanced players are catered to in the following proportions at Kopaonik.

  • 15 beginner levels (33km)
  • 8 intermediate levels (19km)
  • 6 expert levels (6km)

With 21 lifts and an uphill capacity of 15,000 (per hour), Kopaonik is more than capable of accommodating the tens of thousands of visitors who come to the resort each year. With slopes that face north, north-east, and north-west, you will be able to take advantage of the densely inhabited villages that surround the region. Taking advantage of the tourism generated by the mountain, the town of Kopaonik has just opened a four-star luxury hotel that will provide entertainment and accommodations for skiers and business travelers alike.

Because of its long, 3.5-kilometer-long longest route and the availability of expert instruction, Kopaonik has recently benefited from the addition of English-speaking teachers across the board for skiing and snowboarding. Many skiers chose Kopaonik as their skiing vacation destination because of the advanced lines down the mountain-face of the Kopaonik range. The Konaci, one of the six routes that fall within this category, must be considered the pinnacle of the genre, as a nearby holiday hamlet was recently named after it.

At one point, the Konaci has an angle of 79 degrees, and it is stated that if you go too slowly and fail to position yourself correctly, it is completely possible to fall forwards even if you are simply traveling in a straight path. Skiers travel at speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour and jumps with airtime in excess of 8 seconds are common at the Konaci. The Konaci is both admired and feared by the world’s best skiers, both from Europe and beyond.Despite this, the route was included in the 2005 Kopaonik mountains snowboarding competition, which took held in the surrounding area.

Skiers should arrange their trip around the fact that snow will be falling on the slopes from August/September all the way through to early March. The slopes of Serbia, together with the kind and generous people of the country, make Kopaonik an ideal vacation location for anyone wishing to have a good time on a pair of skis. Package packages start at roughly $400 per week, and booking online allows you to save a significant amount of money.

By 2009, the destination intends to get 10,000 tourists per week, and with the objective of developing more routes throughout every piste, you can be sure that Kopaonik, Serbia will be a skiing destination that will remain firmly on the map for many years to come.

Hours of operation:

  • The current season runs from December 9, 2021, to April 18, 2022.
  • Early December to mid-April is the general season.
  • Hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. to 15:30 p.m.
    Note: The opening times are provided by the Kopaonik ski resort and may vary depending on weather, day of the week, school vacations, and public holidays.

Prices for ski passes are as follows:

Day ticket for Main season

Price for Adults Price for Children
RSD(Serbian Dinar) 3900,- RSD(Serbian Dinar) 2970,-
approx. € 33,- approx. € 25,-


Ski holiday locations:

Towns/villages that are close the the ski resort :

  • Kopaonik (1.8 km)
  • Brzeće (15 km)



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