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Love for Buying Abstract Paintings

Love for Buying Abstract Paintings

Love for Buying Abstract Paintings

Buying and collecting abstract paintings can be a labor of love, especially if you enjoy them. Abstract paintings are one of my favorite types of art. Gouache is, I believe, my favorite media to work in. The artist Oscar Bluemner’s work was recently purchased by me. The guy from whom I purchased the abstract artwork had it in storage for more than twenty years before I purchased it. Eventually, I plan to put this work in my office.

I discovered a 1947 oil abstract artwork by Louis Bassi Siegriest that was dated 1947 and was made in oil on canvas. I enjoyed the composition; it had an oddly peaceful effect on me. The back of the painting bears the signature of the artist. It was a little out of my pricing range, but I went ahead and purchased it.

Trade Winds is the name of an abstract painting that I purchased from the artist Joanne Riddle while I was visiting her studio in Connecticut last year. The item was really large, and I had to have it shipped by freight to my residence. The blue in the painting was quite vibrant. I was completely blown away by the entire composition.

Last year, I purchased an abstract artwork for my sister-in-law as a gift. Leonardo Nierman was the artist who created the piece, and he worked in the medium of oil. I purchased the painting unframed and then went my sister-in-law to a framer to select a frame for it.

I attempted to purchase an abstract painting from the mayor of our town, but was unsuccessful. I made him an offer of two thousand dollars for the modernist abstract and brightly colored figure. I was interested in purchasing this piece for my stepmother because the artist used the colors red, white, and blue. She would have loved it, but the mayor was adamant about not giving it up.

Love for Buying Abstract Paintings

My mother has arranged her home in the style that she enjoyed while visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico. I purchased a large abstract painting for her from Lou Monti, who happens to be one of her favorite artists. She has seen his work in a lot of different homes and always has positive things to say about it. When she walked into her living room and saw the artwork I had purchased for her, she burst out in tears of happiness.

I once dated a man who hung a signed abstract artwork by Robert Gilberg on his wall, which I thought was quite cool. Every time I looked at it, I noticed something different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was about that painting that drew me in. He was always purchasing art and swapping out abstract paintings on his walls, but one specific work remained in his home for years. I’m guessing it drew his attention as well.

The abstract picture that I purchased for my older brother did not fit in with the decor of his home. After much deliberation, I ended up purchasing a picture that was somewhat too large for the room in which it was intended. The colors didn’t function in the one room that was appropriate for its size due to their contrast.




I ended up selling that abstract picture in the same location where I had first purchased it. I was able to turn a profit on the abstract artwork in the end. There was more information on the artist, Richard Diebenkorn, in my auction than there had been in the auction in which I had won the auction. I believe that the extra hour of research I put in helped to raise the worth of the abstract artwork.

I learned a long time ago that an abstract painting is only worth as much as someone is prepared to pay for it, which is precisely what I learnt today. I have some acquaintances who simply cannot be persuaded of this fundamental truth. According to my opinion, if no one is interested in a certain abstract picture, it is worthless.

My brother utilized the money he received from the sale of an undesired abstract artwork to purchase another abstract painting for his own collection. He ended up with an abstract collage that was created in the late 1930s. He was really pleased with it. It appealed to me when I first saw it, and it functioned perfectly in his office.


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