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Preparing Yourself for a Successful Podcast Interview

Preparing Yourself for a Successful Podcast Interview: The Power of Energy
Preparing Yourself for a Successful Podcast Interview: The Power of Energy

Preparing Yourself for a Successful Podcast Interview: The Power of Energy

Podcasts have become a powerful platform for sharing knowledge, stories, and experiences. As a podcast host, it’s easy to get caught up in the logistics and content of your show, but one crucial aspect that often goes overlooked is the energy you bring to the interview.

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of your energy as a host and how to prepare yourself for a successful podcast interview.

The Energy of the Host

Your energy as the host is the lifeblood of your podcast. It sets the tone for the entire conversation and greatly influences the guest’s experience. Whether you’re interviewing a renowned expert or a first-time guest, your energy matters.

  1. Collect Your Own Energy:Before you sit down with your guest, take a moment to collect your thoughts and focus your energy. Relax, breathe, and bring curiosity and enthusiasm to the table. It’s essential not to be overly nervous. If you need a drink to calm your nerves, have one. Find what works for you, be it coffee, or even meditation.
  2. Set the Right Headspace: Getting into the right headspace is crucial. You should be able to prepare yourself within 10 to 15 minutes before each episode. Meditate, clear your mind, and set the energy level that matches the tone you want for the interview.
  3. Immediate Impact: When you sit down with your guest, they’ll immediately sense your energy and mirror it. If you’re tense, the interview might become tense. If it’s too casual, you might not get to the important questions. Take the time to prepare yourself, especially at the beginning of the interview.

The Role of the Interviewer

As an interviewer, it’s essential to understand your role in the podcast. You are not the star; you’re the facilitator. Humility is key.

  1. Humble Yourself: Realize that you’re there to ask questions and learn from your guest. They’re doing you a favor by appearing on your show. Approach the interview as an investigator or a journalist, not as a know-it-all.
  2. Genuine Curiosity: Bring genuine youthful curiosity to your episodes. Approach the conversation with enthusiasm and a desire to learn. Your curiosity will be contagious, and your guest will match your energy.

Timing Matters

  1. Schedule Interviews Before Lunch: Whenever possible, schedule interviews in the morning. People are typically fresher and more focused in the morning. This ensures that both you and your guest are at your best.
  2. Don’t Rush: Never rush through an episode. If your guest doesn’t have at least an hour to give you their undivided attention, reschedule. Rushed interviews sound rushed and lack the depth you’re aiming for.

The Power of Energy

If you can harness and bring your own energy to the show, your podcast will stand out. Regardless of the questions or production value, your energy will resonate with your audience.

In conclusion, podcasting is more than just content; it’s about the energy you infuse into your interviews. Your energy sets the tone, impacts the guest, and ultimately determines the success of your podcast. Remember to collect your energy, maintain humility, and bring genuine curiosity to your interviews. Schedule them at the right time and never rush. Your positive energy will make your podcast truly exceptional.


Why is the host’s energy important in a podcast interview?

The host’s energy sets the tone for the interview and greatly influences the guest’s experience. It can make or break the success of a podcast episode.

What can I do to prepare for a podcast interview?

Collect your own energy, set the right headspace, bring curiosity, and ensure you’re not too nervous. Also, schedule interviews in the morning and never rush through them.

Why is it crucial to be humble as an interviewer?

Humility is important because you’re there to ask questions and learn from your guest. They are doing you a favor by being on your show, and it’s essential to approach the interview with respect.

How can I maintain a high level of curiosity during interviews?

Keep your questions open-ended, be genuinely interested in your guest’s responses, and let your curiosity guide the conversation.

What’s the significance of timing in podcast interviews?

Scheduling interviews in the morning when people are fresher and more focused can lead to better interactions and more engaging conversations.

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