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The Wire actor Michael K Williams 54 has passed away

Michael K. Williams

The Wire actor Michael K Williams 54 has passed away.

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As word of Michael K. Williams’ untimely death spreads, his Hollywood colleagues are paying homage to the late actor, and it’s apparent from their posts that Williams was appreciated not only for his skill, but also for his warmth as a human being. Take a look at some of the Twitter tributes in the gallery below!

late Michael K. Williams tribues
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Michael K. Williams, star of The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Hap & Leonard, along with many other series, has died at the age of 54, according to the New York Post. The cause of his death has yet to be determined.

This is a great loss, as Williams was a well-known man with a long list of accomplishments. He was a striking figure with a deep scar that ran down his face from being assaulted outside of a bar with a razor blade. He starred in not one, but many successful HBO series and was a striking figure with a deep scar that ran down his face from being attacked outside of a bar with a razor blade. While a deformity like that may have ended a career for others, it became a signature for Williams.

It helped to make his character Omar White from The Wire instantly recognized and unforgettable. Omar, the macho street warrior who rips off drug dealers in violent way but still maintains an unique code of ethics and sense of twisted morality that made him an anti-hero in the purest meaning of the word, became The Wire’s breakout character during the five seasons it aired.

He went on to play Chalky White, the boss of the black mob in Atlantic City in the 1920s, on Boardwalk Empire after leaving The Wire. He was well renowned for his part on Hap & Leonard, in which he portrayed Leonard Pine, a homosexual black Vietnam vet who, along with his closest friend Hap Leonard (James Purefoy), was regularly involved in violent escapades in 1980s East Texas.

In addition to his most recent prominent part in Lovecraft Country as Montrose Freeman, the closeted, abusive father of the show’s hero, Atticus, portrayed by Jonathan Majors, he also had noteworthy performances on HBO’s The Night Of as a “seen it all” convict. Williams also ventured in lighter roles, including appearances on Dan Harmon’s Community and The Spoils Before Dying, a comedy mini-series (opposite Will Ferrell). He also had a long career in feature films, with his most recent part in Body Brokers winning him rave reviews.

Williams discussed his substance addiction difficulties with Marc Maron on his WTF Podcast while promoting the film. He was open about his struggles with sobriety and came across as a cheerful, upbeat individual. Of course, the facts surrounding his death have yet to be determined, but our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Williams and his family here at JoBlo. He was a phenomenal musician and, by all accounts, a kind person. Rest in peace, my friend.


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