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THX Onyx Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier – Certified Refurbished Brown Box for $119

Expires December 15, 2121 23:54 PST
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Amp up your headphones and upgrade to master-quality audio with the THX Onyx—a powerful, portable digital-to-analog (DAC) amplifier equipped with THX AAA technology, to ensure the highest fidelity mobile listening experience for your music, movies, and games.


THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA)
THX AAA technology enables the world’s highest fidelity audio and maximum dynamic range with the capacity to support power-hungry, audiophile-grade headphones. Crank it up and enjoy satisfyingly loud volumes and ultra-clean sound.

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) Renderer
The THX Onyx MQA renderer can reproduce digital Master Quality Audio recordings from services like Tidal or USB Audio Player Pro. MQA is widely considered the gold standard in sonic fidelity.

The ES9281PRO digital-to-analog converter provides prestige dynamic range and lowest distortion, with direct rendering of MQA files in the DAC. Enjoy the studio quality of Tidal Master Quality files on-the-go.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
THX Onyx connects to any USB/USB-C port and works on Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Mac without the need for any drivers or installation. USB-C to Lightning adapter not included.

Magnetic Cable Management
A built-in magnetic clasp enables quick and convenient cable management, ensuring there are no messy headphone wires dangling around.

CNC-Machined Metal Chassis
All of its premium audio technology is packed into a tough, compact chassis that makes it durable and easy to carry.

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