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Ntertainment Content Creation Process

At Ntertainment.com.ng, our commitment to delivering accurate, current, and actionable content is at the core of our content creation process. We ensure that our articles are written, edited, and fact-checked by a team of qualified writers, editors, and specialists in their respective fields. Breaking down complex information into a clear and easy-to-understand format is our primary focus.

Here’s an overview of the steps involved in our meticulous content creation process:

1. Topic Identification and Selection:

  • Topics are identified based on global search trends and suggestions from our medical professionals.
  • Filtering is done based on relevance, audience interests, niche, objectives, and providing solutions to readers’ problems.

2. Research & Writing:

  • Our goal is to deliver content that is easy to comprehend and reliable.
  • Writers collect evidence-based and peer-reviewed content from leading scientific journals and portals, fact-checking with multiple sources.
  • Maintaining objectivity, all evidence, both supporting and dissenting, is presented to aid readers in making informed decisions.

3. Editing:

  • Multiple rounds of editing focus on relevance, authenticity, accuracy, readability, inclusivity, structure, spelling and grammar, crispness, consistency, and redundancy.
  • The aim is to ensure a seamless flow and the best reading experience.

4. Medical Review & Editing:

  • Articles undergo thorough review and fact-checking by Medical Reviewers, experts in their respective fields.

5. Imagery & Visuals:

  • Relevant images, videos, and infographics are incorporated to enhance the visual and user experience.
  • Images are screened for political correctness to avoid any potential sensitivities.


  • Our reports rely on a comprehensive body of research, citing clear, primary references.
  • Scientific references are linked to papers, journals, and articles from reputable global institutions.
  • When applicable, research on animals is explicitly mentioned, with a clear distinction from human-related findings.

Internal & External Links:

  • Links are strategically added to guide readers to relevant content within our website and other trustworthy sources.
  • External links may direct to journals, reputable organizations, US government agencies, and other reliable sources.

Content Reviews and Quality Updates:

  • Periodic evaluations ensure content is current, aligns with the latest research, trends, technology, news, and clinical guidelines.
  • Updates consider evolving standards, guidelines.
  • Articles are re-edited and re-reviewed by our editorial team..

If you encounter any outdated information or inconsistencies, we encourage you to contact us at editor@ntertrainment.com.ng. Your feedback is vital to maintaining the excellence of our content.

Last updated on December 31, 2023.