Home Global Gist Engine No. 1 CEO on Exxon’s Lithium Investments: A Deep Dive

Engine No. 1 CEO on Exxon’s Lithium Investments: A Deep Dive

Engine No. 1 CEO on Exxon's Lithium Investments: A Deep Dive
Engine No. 1 CEO on Exxon's Lithium Investments: A Deep Dive

Engine No. 1 CEO on Exxon’s Lithium Investments: A Deep Dive

Engine No. 1 CEO on Exxon's Lithium Investments: A Deep Dive
Engine No. 1 CEO on Exxon’s Lithium Investments: A Deep Dive

Engine No. 1 CEO’s Perspective

In a recent interview, Jennifer Granholm, the CEO of Engine No. 1, shared valuable insights into Exxon’s groundbreaking move into the electric vehicle (EV) supply chain. Exxon’s decision to purchase drilling rights on a vast expanse of land in Arkansas for lithium production marks a strategic shift towards clean energy—a transition Engine No. 1 actively advocated for.

Exxon’s EV Strategy

Exxon’s foray into lithium production raises questions about the company’s vision for the future. Is it a calculated move to secure a place in the growing EV market, or is it merely a small investment compared to their annual capital expenditures? Granholm sheds light on this, emphasizing the need for world-class engineering and capital allocation in the evolving fossil fuel landscape.

Capital Allocation and Future Energy Perspective: Exxon’s Lithium Investments

As the energy sector undergoes a profound transition, Granholm urges Exxon to carefully consider capital allocation. Despite the current scale of the lithium investment being relatively small, Engine No. 1 believes it aligns with Exxon’s capabilities and sets the stage for future growth. The discussion extends to the challenges of sourcing raw materials like lithium and copper in the quest for a greener future.

Global Demand for Raw Materials

Granholm emphasizes the growing global demand for natural materials in the energy transition. The conversation touches on the significance of lithium and copper, not only in EV production but also in the broader context of a cleaner and more electric future. The need for advancements in technology for sustainable mineral sourcing becomes evident.

Challenges in Lithium Extraction

While lithium is considered a cleaner alternative for electric vehicles, questions arise about the environmental impact of extracting it. Granholm acknowledges the challenges and emphasizes the importance of sourcing these minerals locally. Engine No. 1 envisions significant technological improvements in the mining and production of such materials as the energy transition gains momentum.

Mega Trends: Energy Transition and Restoring Manufacturing

Engine No. 1 outlines two mega trends for investors to focus on: the energy transition and the restoration of manufacturing. With tickers like NETZ for energy transition and SUPP for restoring manufacturing, the discussion explores how major companies like Exxon and Occidental Petroleum must balance their focus on cleaner energy with sourcing and building businesses for an electric future.

Investment Strategies in Restoring Manufacturing

Restoring manufacturing has become a hot topic, driven by government initiatives and corporate decisions. Granholm highlights the complexity of interconnected systems and the challenge of selecting companies poised to benefit. Engine No. 1 actively manages its strategy, considering factors such as manufacturing finished products, supply chain logistics, and the role of companies like railways in the broader picture.

Long-Term View on Lithium Pricing

The discussion shifts to the current pricing dynamics of lithium. Despite recent fluctuations, Granholm takes a long-term view, considering the evolution of light vehicle electrification. With only 1% of the vehicle fleet currently electrified, Engine No. 1 sees immense growth potential, projecting a quadrupling of EVs on the road by 2030.

EV Sales Growth and Market Dynamics

Granholm addresses the apparent soft patch in EV sales growth, pointing out that the third quarter saw a 50% year-over-year increase in EV sales in the United States. While acknowledging ups and downs, she emphasizes the sustained high growth expected in the electric vehicle market. The conversation also delves into the current trend where hybrids outsell EVs and the reasons behind this dynamic.

Hybrids vs. EVs: Consumer Preferences

Consumer preferences play a crucial role in the transition to electric vehicles. Granholm acknowledges the appeal of hybrids, providing a gas option while still contributing to the broader energy transition. The interview sheds light on the diverse alternatives in the market and the need for an “all of the above” strategy to drive the shift towards cleaner transportation effectively.

Autonomous Vehicles: A Future Outlook

Though not directly commenting on the current situation at Cruise, Granholm shares insights into the broader landscape of autonomous vehicles. While acknowledging the challenges, she reiterates the long-term perspective, emphasizing the monumental shifts in electrification and autonomy. The trends may take time to unfold, but Engine No. 1 remains optimistic about the future of these technologies.


In conclusion, the conversation with Jennifer Granholm, Engine No. 1 CEO, provides a comprehensive overview of Exxon’s lithium investments and the broader trends shaping the energy and manufacturing landscape. As the world navigates towards a cleaner, more electric future, the importance of strategic investments, technological advancements, and sustainable

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