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Poems: Living a happy life while facing challenges

Poems- Living a happy life while facing challenges

Poems: Living a happy life while facing challenges

Be Encouraged and Live a happy Life.

Weight and escape

Routine can play the weight of the world carrying it day to day, presenting itself as an easy escape. Pain seems to loosen its grip with time, numbing any fears with increments until it’s subdued for days at a time. Days can go without fighting back against expectations, letting numbness set in for what feels like freedom, but ultimately feels like quitting. Expecting this isn’t too much to do so- so is living, but living through life’s obstacles still feels like me.

Living a Happy

Living a happy
Believing the best
Awake through golden sun shining down
Living a happy

Happy Life

I cherish the life
i know it has challenges to be met,
but i will stand by with pure intention
learning how to tackle each struggle
this just means that is my destiny another opportunity for growth.

Time, Distance and relationship

We may not see each other as much,
But we can still be close and write letters
And chat at least once a month.
When we do communicate
It feels so good, and it takes our minds off school,
Life just doesn’t seem as hard.

Love and Trust

Love like the sun
The sky sends me rays of positivity.
Trust like steel,
My loved ones hold me up and stand by my side everyday.
Smile tears dry fast,
And we befriend unknowns for a laugh and any gain.

I Need Help

Butterflies exist all around, not just alright.
Mornings are too sparse with anxiety.
I know that I need help.
There is no shame in turning around and asking for assistance.
Sometimes the negatives outweigh the positives, leaving you weary.
Yet even if it’s worth it to be alive, there’s many downsides come alive.

We’ve Got this

We face so many challenges each day,
sometimes it gets so hard to out the smile on our face.
But we’ve got this. You and me. So stick with me like glue.

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