Home Global Gist Russia’s Putin to Stay in Power Past 2024, Sources Say

Russia’s Putin to Stay in Power Past 2024, Sources Say

Russia's Putin to Stay in Power Past 2024, Sources Say
Russia's Putin to Stay in Power Past 2024, Sources Say

Russia’s Putin to Stay in Power Past 2024, Sources Say


In a surprising turn of events, it has been revealed that Vladimir Putin, Russia’s formidable leader, has decided to run in the March presidential election. This move will extend his reign until at least 2030, making him one of the longest-serving Russian rulers since Josef Stalin. This article delves into the details of this decision, the reasons behind it, and the challenges Putin faces as he navigates Russia through a perilous period.

The Decision to Run

The decision for Putin to run in the March 2024 presidential election was confirmed by multiple reliable sources. While Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov mentioned that Putin had not officially announced his campaign yet, insiders reveal that preparations are underway. It appears that Putin’s campaign is keeping the details close to the chest, and this choreographed hint is expected to come within a few weeks.

Putin’s Unchallenged Power

Vladimir Putin has maintained an iron grip on Russian politics for more than two decades. He enjoys approval ratings of 80% and has the full support of the state and state media. There is almost no mainstream public opposition to his continued rule. Even if he chooses to run again, there is no serious rival who could threaten his chances at the ballot box.

Putin’s Challenges

Despite his unchallenged power, Putin faces an array of challenges that make his decision to run for another term all the more critical. The war in Ukraine has resulted in a major confrontation with the West, triggering extensive sanctions that have significantly impacted the Russian economy. Inflation is on the rise, and defense spending is expected to account for a substantial portion of Russia’s budget expenditure in 2024.

However, the most direct threat to Putin’s rule came in the form of a short-lived mutiny led by Russia’s most powerful mercenary, Yevgeny Prigozhin. While Prigozhin was killed in a plane crash two months after the mutiny, Putin had to use the Defense Ministry and the National Guard to regain control over the remnants of the Wagner force.

Putin’s Perspective on the War

Putin frames the war in Ukraine as a broader struggle with the United States, with the Kremlin elite claiming that it aims to cleave Russia apart, exploit its vast natural resources, and then turn to settle scores with China. From Putin’s perspective, Russia is facing the combined might of the West, making major change in leadership unwise.

Critics and Opposition

Not everyone in Russia supports Putin’s approach. Jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny believes that Putin has led Russia down a strategic dead end, building a corrupt system that will ultimately lead to chaos rather than stability. Some human rights campaigners, such as Oleg Orlov, also express concerns about Russia’s trajectory, likening it to a different form of totalitarianism.


Vladimir Putin’s decision to run for the presidency in the upcoming election is a significant development in Russian politics. His continued rule has both staunch supporters and vocal critics. The challenges he faces on both domestic and international fronts make his decision a pivotal one, as he navigates Russia through turbulent times.


  1. Why has Vladimir Putin decided to run for the presidency again?
    • Putin believes that he must lead Russia through a perilous period, including the war in Ukraine and Western sanctions.
  2. Is there any serious opposition to Putin’s rule in Russia?
    • While there is some opposition, Putin maintains a strong grip on power, and there is no prominent rival on the horizon.
  3. What is the significance of the war in Ukraine in Putin’s decision?
    • The war in Ukraine has triggered Western sanctions, leading to economic challenges for Russia and increasing defense spending.
  4. How does Putin frame the war in Ukraine in the context of global politics?
    • Putin sees the war as part of a broader struggle with the United States, which he believes aims to weaken Russia and exploit its resources.
  5. What are the concerns raised by Putin’s critics in Russia?
    • Critics argue that Putin’s leadership has led to corruption and a system that may ultimately result in chaos rather than stability.
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