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skiing resorts in Chile

El Fraile chile ski resort

Skiing resorts in Chile

If you’re looking for a more exotic skiing destination, Chile can be a good choice. Chile is one of the world’s most beautiful skiing destinations, and it is a fantastic destination for skiers of all ages and abilities. Why not explore Chile as an alternate skiing location with international appeal, and while you’re there, soak in a little bit of the Andean culture?

La Parva

The La Parva resort, which is located near Santiago and is one of the nicest resorts I’ve ever stayed at, is one of the best in my opinion. A common criticism leveled at the La Parva resort is that it is second to its more famous brother, Valle Nevado. However, if you prefer to ski across uninterrupted, unspoiled terrain with greater diversity and depth of snow, I would strongly recommend La Parva as the resort of choice for you. The resort, which has a total of 14 lifts, is of medium size and is comparably popular, though it is still free from the hordes of visitors who flock to the more popular and more accessible slopes on a daily basis. One thing to keep in mind is that the snow coverage is not always as regular as it is in other ski resorts, which may pose a problem for certain skiers. However, if you do your homework before you go, you should be able to enjoy La Parva in all of its splendor, regardless of the weather.

Additionally, La Parva is proud of its well-equipped training academy, which consistently draws the greatest skiing talent from Chile. They not only provide Olympic training, but they also provide public instruction, and they have a proven track record when it comes to helping athletes improve their performance. In addition to their proud tradition, the cheerful and helpful training staff takes tremendous pleasure in both the condition of their slopes and in the quality of their teaching, which is evident in the instruction they provide.

Before you embark on your skiing adventure in Chile, it is critical that you confirm that you have all of the necessary documentation in order. Especially if you do not have a passport or if your last passport has expired, it may be a good idea to submit your application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Because the application and issuance processes might take up to 14 weeks, it is critical that you factor this time into your planning for your skiing vacation.

A same warning applies to visitors to South America; there have been several high-profile cases of kidnapping by rebel and terrorist organizations in the region. On that note, it is probably preferable to scan the internet for any official warnings that may be issued, as well as to stay up with current events, although happily, these cases are becoming less common in these modern times.

Skiing valle nevado chile

Valle Nevado is a ski resort in the Santiago Metropolitan Region (Región Metropolitana de Santiago), which is part of the greater Santiago metropolitan area (Chile). For those interested in skiing or snowboarding, there are 40 kilometers of slopes available. The guests are transported via 14 lifts. Snow skiing and snowboarding are available between the elevations of 2,860 and 3,670 meters.

Skiing valle nevado chile

Nevados de chillán ski resort in Chile

Nevados de chillán ski resort

Nevados de Chillán is a Chilean ski resort. For those interested in skiing or snowboarding, there are 35 kilometers of slopes for skiers and snowboarders to choose from. The guests are transported through ten lifts. The ski resort’s elevation ranges from 1,600 to 2,700 meters.

El Colorado/​Farellones skiing resort in Chile

El Colorado__Farellones skiing resort in Chile

Located in the Santiago Metropolitan Region (Región Metropolitana de Santiago), the ski resort of El Colorado/Farellones is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts (Chile). Slopes for skiing and snowboarding are offered on 50 kilometers of terrain. There are 23 lifts to transport the guests. Located between 2,350 and 3,333 meters above sea level, the winter sports area is a popular destination.

Villarrica – Pucón ski Resort, Chile

The ski resort of Villarrica – Pucón is located in the Araucana Region (Región de La Araucana), in the province of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Chile). Slopes for skiing and snowboarding are offered on a total of 30 kilometers of terrain. The guests are transported through seven lifts.

Because to the natural ravines and half pipes, this location has been dubbed “Snowboard Paradise” by those who are knowledgeable about the sport.

Its skiable surface extends from 1,200 to 1,800 meters above sea level on the northeastern wall of the volcano while some others estimates The winter sports area is located between 1,380 and 2,100 meters above sea level, providing visitors with a panoramic view of the scenery of five lakes in the southern region of Chile from the summit of the volcano. There are runs for skiers of all abilities, as well as significant off-piste terrain. It is possible to ski in the wet and slippery snow on the slopes and in the wet compacted snow on the base even in early spring, allowing the ski season to be extended until late October.

All guests can enjoy the comfort and security that Ski Pucón provides thanks to its nine lifts, well-established ski school, and highly-trained patrol personnel.

Accessibility: Located 19 kilometers north of Pucón, in the Lake area, within the Villarrica National Park, it can be reached by flight via the city of Temuco, which is 125 kilometers south of Pucón, and then by road via Route 5 south to the city of Freire. From here, head towards Villarrica, and after passing through its urban center, follow the route that leads to Pucón. The Villarrica National Park is located about two kilometers outside of the city and may be reached by car.

The roads are well-signposted and paved, and the use of chain tires is required during the winter months to avoid slipping.

  • Season is from the middle of June until the middle of October.
  • Weather: temperatures in the winter range between 7º and 2º  Celsius.
  • Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and snowmobile rides are some of the activities available.
  • Accommodation, transportation, entertainment, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a ski boutique, and a bar are all available.


The ski resort at Corralco is located in the Araucana Region (Región de La Araucana), which is part of the Andes Mountains (Chile). Slopes for skiing and snowboarding are offered across 28.5 kilometers of terrain. The guests are transported using six lifts. Located between 1,550 and 2,400 meters above sea level, the winter sports area is a popular destination.

This ski resort is located on the slopes of the Lonquimay Volcano, in the Malalcahuello-Nalcas National Reserve, in the 9th region of Araucania, within the Malalcahuello-Nalcas National Reserve.

Offering a luxury hotel with comfy amenities and outstanding service, it is a great place to stay. All of our rooms are fully furnished and equipped to ensure that our visitors have the finest possible service and rest.

Additionally, it features a restaurant and bar, a gymnasium and spa, a heated indoor pool, a movie room and conference space, a game room, child care services, room service, and ski storage.

It provides transportation to and from the ski center, and the trails have outstanding snow quality.

Because of the high altitude, the weather in Corralco is quite chilly throughout the winter months. From May through October, there is an abundance of snowfall. There is a lot of rain and cold, and the temperature drops dramatically. During the winter, the average temperature is -8°C, with a maximum of 4°C in the most extremes.

The weather is warm throughout the summer months.

Antillanca Ski Resort

Antillanca Ski Resort

The ski resort of Antillanca is located in the Los Lagos region of the country (Chile). There are 22 kilometers of slopes and ten kilometers of ski paths available for skiing and snowboarding. There are 5 lifts to convey the guests. Located between 1,040 and 1,540 meters above sea level, the winter sports area offers a variety of activities.

The Antillanca Tourist Complex, which is only 98 kilometers distant from Osorno and is located within the Puyehue National Park at the base of the Casablanca Volcano, is a popular tourist destination.

In the winter, Antillanca opens its Ski Center, which is considered to be one of the best and most important in Southern Chile. Skiing is available on 512 hectares of land. As a result of the topographical peculiarities of the area, it is an especially ideal location for practicing off-trail skiing.

Additionally, there is a hotel directly next to the ski slopes where tourists can stay and eat.

During the summer months, when the ski center is closed, Antillana opens an Outdoor Center, which is an excellent destination for individuals who appreciate the outdoors and adventure. Trekking, rock climbing, rapelling, and visiting volcanic caverns are all possible in the surrounding area, which provides for a variety of activities to be enjoyed.

Along the riverbanks of Puyehue Lake, there is also an ecological reserve, where you can find a beach, hot waters, and a variety of natural flora and wildlife.

During the ski season, which runs from June to October, Antillanca offers a variety of trails with good snow conditions. The winter resort is renowned for having the best off-piste skiing conditions in the world, as well as for having excellent slopes. The upkeep of all tracks is a significant obligation for the ski center, which is why Antillanca employs a large number of professionals to ensure the safety and comfort of all visitors.

In Antillanca, there are ski trails for every level of skier: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Antillanca has great infrastructure for novices, as well as teachers who can guide adults and children through the initial stages of the white sport.
In the San Pedro sector, there are tracks and slopes for individuals who are already familiar with skiing and are at an intermediate-advanced level of ability. If you are capable of coping with the steep and long hills, this is the location for you.
There are also tracks for experts, which are located in the Haique hill district, where you may find a variety of courses and slopes to suit your skill level and preferences.
The Haique Hill and Mirador are two of the many hills and covered areas in Antillanca that are suitable for snowboarding away from the ski tracks. Casablanca and Taza are two locations where you can go for more difficult descents.
Antillanca is a destination for skiers of all skill levels and interests to come and enjoy themselves.

Portillo Ski Resort

Portillo ski resort

It is located in the Valparaiso region, and it has a ski resort named Portillo (Chile). There are 20 kilometers of slopes and ten kilometers of ski paths available for skiing and snowboarding. The guests are transported via 14 lifts. At an elevation of between 2,580 and 3,310 meters above sea level, the winter sports area may be found.

With an all-inclusive experience where food, housing, ground transportation, and lift tickets are all taken care of, and ski-in/ski-out access is right outside your door, all that’s left to decide is whether you’d like to be first chair or last call. Skiers’ paradise with an 80% likelihood of sunny weather, 326 inches of snow yearly, and a vertical drop of 2,500 feet is what you get when you combine the elements.

Chapa Verde

The ski resort of Chapa Verde is located in the O’Higgins Region (Región del Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins), which is a part of the Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins (Chile). There are 20 kilometers of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The guests are transported using four lifts. Located between 2,260 and 3,050 meters above sea level, the winter sports region is ideal for skiing and snowboarding.

Chapa Verde ski center is located in Codelco Chile Lands’ el Teniente region and is managed by the Chapa Verde Ski Club. Chapa Verde ski center is open from December to March.

22 soles for various types of skiers, with an extension ranging from 1,200 mts (3,940 ft) to 2,500 mts (approximate) (8,200 ft). Its highest point is 3,100 meters (10,200 feet) above sea level, and its ski area is 1,200 hectares (2,960 acres), which is served by four ski lifts and one triple chair lift, each of which caters to different ski levels.

These ski lifts will transport you to some of the most breathtaking scenery that Chapa Verde has to offer.


Ski Rental and Ski Repair Shop: It has a limited stock of parabolic ski equipment, as well as monoski and snowboard equipment, for use by the whole group. It also has a ski repair shop that provides comprehensive support for your equipment, including fixation lubrication, edge sharpening, waxing, fixation installation, patches, and other services to keep your equipment in peak condition.
In this pleasant mini-store, you can find everything relating to this sport, from ski equipment to accessories and more, so that you may participate in your favorite sport. Ski Shop:

  • Restaurants: There are two comfortable restaurants, one of which is located at the base of the Winter Center and offers a complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner service, as well as quick food, an international bar, and snacks. Other options include “La Liebre”, which is located at the base of the triple-chair lift and offers a completely “European” experience, with Spanish and French cuisine, barbeque, and a grill bar.
  • Ski Patrols: A well-trained crew of ski patrollers is in charge of your well-being and the well-being of your family. They cross the rails of the Winter Center in a peaceful and considerate manner.

LODGING: The residential complex Hoya Blanca, located in Cahapa Verde, contains 59 cabins, each of which can accommodate up to eight people. Rooms include a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and a patio adjacent to the ski slopes. A fantastic alternative to staying at a hotel and enjoying days of dreaming.


  • Mountain Ski or Randonee: Sliding horizontally and/or vertically in large extensions without the need for mechanical remounting is the goal.
  • Photographs: Photographs should be taken inside or outside in allowed locations.
    Wander the exhibition with racquets attached to your boots so that you may walk without sinking into the snow. It can be practiced on any snowy surface, even ice.


Chapa Verde is a type of green tea. Special buses that leave from the HIPERINDEPENDENCIA, located at 665 Miguel Ramrez Avenue in Rancagua, are available. Alternatively, Chapa Verde Ski Center can arrange transportation in permitted vehicles.

From the Santiago International Airport, take Ruta 5 Sur southward, until you reach Rancagua city. From there, take the Eduardo Frei Montalva Highway up to the Chapa Verde Ski Center, which is located at the base of the mountain.

Osorno ski resort

Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay, Puyehue, and Osorno are just a few kilometers away from the Osorno Volcano, which is located near the cities that surround the majestic Lake Llanquihue, including Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay, Puyehue, and a little further away, Osorno. Because of this, it has quickly become one of the most popular attractions in the area whenever the snowfalls begin to pour down.

Volcanic activity began in the area 200 thousand years ago and has continued to this day. A difficult process of growth and interaction with the massive glaciers that encircled the region throughout the glaciation period, which progressively modified the shape of the volcano, may be traced back through history. At the present time, both the summit of the volcano and the main crater of the volcano are completely covered by a permanent glacier.

The majority of guests, who come both during the winter and summer seasons because the chairlifts are open all year, choose to stay in the City of Puerto Varas, which is conveniently located. Only 60 kilometers of wonderfully paved road separate this magnificent city from the volcano, which is situated in the midst of a spectacular landscape that includes mountains, forests, and a lake.

At this ski resort, the added value includes the chairlift, year-round hiking trips, and the Tyrolean crossing, which is considered to be the longest in Chile. Each of the services offered guarantees the enjoyment of both children and adults, as well as the safety of those who use them.

Cerro Mirador – Punta Arenas

Cerro Mirador – Punta Arenas ski resort

The ski resort Cerro Mirador – Punta Arenas is located in the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, and it is a popular destination for tourists (Chile). Slopes for skiing and snowboarding are offered on 11 kilometers of terrain. The guests are transported by two lifts. The winter sports area is located between an elevation of 380 and 570 meters above sea level.

Located 8 kilometers (5 miles) west of Punta Arenas city, in the Fenton hill, also known as Mirador hill, within the Magallanes National Reserve. From June through September, the ski season is in full swing.

This location offers one of the few ski slopes with a view of the sea as well as a spectacular vista of Punta Arenas city. This athletic and recreational complex is located at 600 meters (1,970 feet) above sea level and has spectacular views of the Magallanes Strait and Tierra del Fuego.

It will take roughly 30 minutes by vehicle to get to the base from Muoz Gomero plaza, Punta Arenas’ main square. On weekends, there are local buses that provide this service.

There are 11 ski slopes to select from, with slopes for all skill levels and the majority of them being of medium difficulty.

It contains a ski lift and a double chair lift with a height of 1,500 meters (4,900 feet). Ski rental, sledges, a work shop, a wardrobe and lockers, a ski school with trained teachers, and a patrol for your safety are all available at the refuge. For those who do not participate in this sport, we propose going to Mirador Hill to take in the breathtaking views of the Magallanes strait, Tierra del Fuego, and the continent’s southernmost metropolis.

Las Araucarias/​Llaima – Vilcún

Las Araucarias__Llaima – Vilcún ski resort

The Araucana Region (Región de La Araucana) is home to the ski resort Las Araucarias/ Llaima – Vilcn (Chile). There are 15 kilometers of slopes for skiing and snowboarding. The guests are transported through four lifts. The winter sports area is located between 1,550 and 1,942 meters above sea level.

This is a welcoming resort that is ideal for a weekend getaway on the slopes, whether it is with a loved one, with friends, or with the family.

With 10km of beginner slopes for beginners to use and practice their skills on, there is plenty of room for confidence to grow. Intermediate skiers and snowboarders can explore 4km of slopes, and experienced skiers and snowboarders can explore 1km of difficult terrain. If the slopes aren’t exciting enough, why not try the valley run and snow park that are both available. Getting to the resort from the nearest town, Cherquenco, takes 35 minutes.

Lagunillas Skiing resort in Chile

Lagunillas Skiing resort in Chile

It is the only ski resort situated at an altitude of more than 2,000 feet. Take care to treat athletes and guests with respect for the natural beauty that surrounds them in a family-like atmosphere Lagunillas is a mountain sports center in the province of Cordillera, located just 67 kilometers from Santiago and 2,200 meters above sea level, in the commune of San José de Maipo.

Due to its location in the highlands, the skier can combine their activity with a scenic mountain tour and a visit to the beautiful villages of Cajón del Maipo. Lagunillas is Chile’s only non-commercial ski resort, thanks to the efforts of the Andean Club of Chile since 1933.

It has a skiable area of 200 hectares, with 13 separate trails for skiers of varying skill levels. It’s a great spot to practice hobbies associated to the mountains, such as randonning and snowboarding, because of its location. As a bonus, Lagunillas is one of the first places in the world where you can go night skiing and mountaineering.

Lagunillas contains 13 tracks ranging in difficulty from easy to extremely difficult. The 350-meter Novicios, the 1,100-meter Pancho, and the 1,200-meter La Lola are the most popular. Night skiing is also available at this location. There are trained instructors at Lagunillas’s Ski School who can teach novices how to ski and hone the skills of those who have already mastered the sport.

You may rent ski and snowboard gear at the Club Andean site, which is located at the entrance to the courts.

Avenida La Florida, which connects to Route G-25, is only 52 kilometers south of Santiago and connects to the Commune of San José de Maipo. The Maipo River, the source of the river’s name, runs parallel to this route, which penetrates the Andean buttresses. On the Pan-American Highway (Route 5) and passing via Puente Alto, the route G-25 can also be accessed directly east of San Bernardo. San José de Maipo, 35 kilometers from Santiago, is the starting point for the 17-kilometer mountain road that takes 40 minutes to reach the Lagunillas Ski Center. Chains are required from the Carabineros checkpoint during the winter months.

El Fraile chile ski resort

El Fraile chile ski resort

The Aysén Region is home to the ski resort El Fraile (Chile). 5 kilometers of slopes are accessible for skiing and snowboarding. The guests are transported by two lifts.

At a height of 1,599 meters above sea level, it is 29 kilometers from Coyhaique. It’s a gathering place for fans of white sports. It has 5 excellent courts, all covered in powder snow and nestled in the heart of the gorgeous Lenga and Irre forests, with a skiable surface of 550 hectares, allowing more than 1,000 people to participate in this sport at the same time on their various tracks.


Antuco Ski Center

Located in the Bío Bío Region, the ski resort Antuco Ski Center is a popular destination for visitors (Chile). There are nine kilometers of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding. The guests are transported by three lifts. There are 1,400 to 1,850 meters of elevation difference between the winter sports area and the rest of the resort.

Valle Hermoso

The Chilean ski resort of Valle Hermoso is located on the Pacific coast. There are 1.7 km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The visitors are transported using one lift. Snow skiing and snowboarding are permitted between the elevations of 1,602 and 1,655 meters.

Powder South Heliski

Powder South Heli-Ski Guides is South America’s premier helicopter ski operator, located in the heart of the Chilean Central Andes. Powder South Heli-Ski Guides offers a variety of helicopter skiing options. In business for 11 amazing seasons, they have continued to provide a ski and snowboard experience unlike any other in the world, deep in the picturesque and craggy peaks of southern South America’s mountains.



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