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12 tips to follow and find Love


12 tips to follow and find Love


T his article outlines 12 tips to follow and find Love

Tip 1. Go look for love

The idea behind finding love when it is unexpected has a slim chance of success.
Imagine you are looking for a job and what you do is seat at home so the job come find you.
He who choose to seek will likely find a partner. While ensuring you are putting in some effort, this doesn’t mean you act like finding a your only task in life

Tip 2.Go out to places where you will meet people who like what you do

While its a general life advice to be part of something and contribute to a cause that
makes you happy. It is possible to meet people you have same interests in those places.
It can be a youth group in your area, an NGO, a political party, a religious group.
Even if nothing happens, you are happy and doing something you like and something could happen that
you meet someone you who you share same passion and desire.

Tip 3. Reduce putting all your attention on your mobile device while out

It is common practice today we use our phone as the default place to put our attention when
in public places and nothing seem to be happening. You cant meet with a person when all your attention is on something in your phone
There are good people around and you could miss them because you ere not ready.

Be present. Look around, smile, and meet with people.

Tip 4. Don’t seek romance, seek partnership

No matter how romance is good. Its settling a short-term desire and mostly for fun.
To be build a long term relation what a person need is a partner. Someone you can actually seat and plan other things. When you you know the strength and weakness of your partner and can be there for them. When you actually listen to what a partner says and take them seriously.

Its better to find someone who seeks your opinion and you do same and who actually care about what you want and discuses
them to find a place of understanding.

When the relationship journey starts, couples who had a plan with their partners survives the storms they will likely encounter. Partnership brings our the best in both partners as they share with their partners.

Tip 5. Happy people attract people

If you are always sad, you will successfully push people are way. If your emotions is always moody
, and your words always expresses these mood, you will only push people away.
If when you are asked how are you and you are always not fine then you likely have more issue to fix with
your self than to bring people in your life to manage with you or fix you.

Your happy nature is an attracting force.

Tip 6. Take time to be by yourself

This point tries to look at what happens before entering a new relation after you leave one. If you left a relationship and simply enter another one or carry the for baggage as your requirement or starting point to start another one. There is a good chance you will find yourself in another troubled relationship.

Relation is for people who have found themselves and willing to share from what they have with others. It is for people who have ponder of causes of issues on the former relationship and address it. This is to prevent occurrence of issues from the former
relation to be brought to the current. Not taking some time to actually address the issue is a risky behavior.

Accumulation of bad experiences and not doing anything to know what happened and addressing them will only become the issues that you will end up forming a new nature based on your experiences alone and not what is expected ot true or good.
Remember your potential partner is looking for someone who will compliment them, if what you bring to the table has lots of negativity, you will successfully drive a way your partner.

So take out them time and actually figure out where you are what you have done right or wrong and how to improve. You will do well if your partner see you as someone who has the nature of continuous improvement person.

Tip 7. The instant intercourse as your meet a partner destroys relationships most times

Attraction is good but that which is happening the minute you saw a partner more of a temporary feeling. Its fades of the moment true knowledge comes in and compatibility is tested.
Relationship that started from day one with have intercourse mostly leads to confusion quickly. It could build so much emotion on one partner and the other partner is not interested in the relation to feeling expressed by their partners.

Relationship built from friendship, good interpersonal relationship and desire to see each partner succeed in their endeavors have a very good chance of standing the test of time.
You can have different feeling and it changes over time based on what you know, seen and related with a partner and having intercourse from day one will likely put confusion of what the feeling or emotion expressed is.

The better interpersonal relation you have with a partner the ease you can walk together, It is one of the primary things that will remain even when emotions start changing. A good interpersonal relationship
gives partners a chance to discus their observations, fears or challenges and a good partner will listen and gave a feedback that will strengthen the relationship

Tip 8. Opposite attract theory is a concept you should be mindful of

There is a general advice that is given to couple that when you are hot Marring someone who is cold. Finding a partner is not not having your qualities might seem to be a good thing but this advice you should be caution of as it is better to be with a partner you share something common, something that you could anchor on on trouble days.
A USA organization called National Academy of sciences write a journal where they conducted a study in 2003. The result showed that people actually prefer a partner they share things in common and they didn’t want partners that they are opposite each other.
Another research by the Personality and Social Psychology in 2009 showed that people who just newly got married choose partners that they had common things in the area of of their values, in their attitude but similarity when it came to personality was small. This study indicated that people are actually looking for partners that where more like them.

This study went further to say that couples who were happy and satisfied had similarities when it came to personality.


Tip 9.Be Optimistic about finding love.

This section seeks to advice singles to believe there is true love out there and they will find theirs. having friend of the opposite partner should be what one should do, a relationship coach Ghandi recommends having about 3 to 5 casual friends until you find one person you are ok to be in a full on relationship.

Tip 10. Understanding of personal needs

From not liking to chat, to choosing from one of your love languages, wanting to have information of happenings and any other desire you will have, you should be able to express these to a potential partner and willingly help each other understand how to go about it. Communication, understanding and some sacrifice comes to play here.
IF you fail to understand your own personal needs and fail to communicate it with a partner is a recipe for disaster and it could cause confusion, lack of understanding.

Tip 11. Is your goal to build a relationship or to just have fun

Looking past the smiles you see when you meet someone, you need to identify those hidden character before you move to the next phase where it indicates a more close relationship. Its a different thing that you want to have fun and you want to have a relationship. People bring baggage’s from previous relationships as majority don’t settle those issues before moving to another relationship.

Tip 12. When someone is unavailable find your way

It is not healthy to hang around someone who is not showing you interest.
Find your way and move. As it is said there are many fishes in the river.

Now you know the 12 tips to follow and find Love

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