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Nigerian NCC cyber alert for Financial Security


Nigerian NCC cyber alert for Financial Security

We are now in a world where we all got to  be careful. Virtually everyone has an online presence and there are people who are not there for nice things. Cyber security alertness is an important aspect to add to your lifestyle online especially when it comes down to your financial Security

The Nigerian NCC send an SMS this morning regarding this and i want all our reader to be aware of the importance.


NCC cyber alert #beCyberaware

Who is the NCC?

The Nigerian Communications Commission is the independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria they are under the  Federal Ministry of Communications & Digital Economy. The Commission is responsible for creating an enabling environment for competition among operators in the industry as well as ensuring the provision of qualitative and efficient telecommunications services throughout the country.

NCC which is the acronym for Nigerian Communications Commission is the one responsible for Telecommunications management in Nigeria. Few of their responsibilities:

  • Ensuring a good Quality of service and standards  for all telecommunication company in the country.
  • They set policies for internet services and governance in Nigeria, so all the internet service providers are basically under NCC.
  • For all tariff plans used by our ISPs today all got an approval by the NCC before implementation,
  • One of the role is to help in securing the cyber space of Nigeria.
  • NCC carries our studies and Surveys to get data and statistics from different industries under them. e.g. Subscriber / Teledensity, Subscriber / Operator Data, Mobile Peak Period (Voice) Tariff etc.
  • They are responsible for setting standards and regulations for communication in Nigeria.
  • They issue licenses to company under different operation as regards to telecommunications industry in Nigeria.
  • Even if the business is in space telecommunication, the NCC are also in charge

What is the importance of this message ?

So the Nigerian NCC cyber alert for Financial Security message is important because free wireless hotspots are becoming a thing today. Go to a hotel or some Supermarkets and you will get access to free public Wireless network to brows the internet.

What you should know is that the network is publicly available to any kind of person who could have bad intentions.

The message is discouraging you to make use of public wireless network to perform financial transactions completely.

This Nigerian NCC cyber alert for Financial Security is important as it make people aware of the potential ways they could be attached over a wireless network.

Advice for our readers

For our readers we are adding new layers of security if you find yourself in a public area and you must use a public network to perform transaction.

  1. Use your own device. This is because you can use a public computer and you forget to sign out, or you agreed to save your login details and that alone is a problem.
  2. If you have no option but to use public computer, use the incognito mode. This  mode will clear every history of that your session on that computer thereby removing any history. Note that this doesn’t prevent your traffic from being monitored, it is only a measure for that computer.
  3. Ensure no one is looking at your shoulder while you make use a computer i a public area or while using a public network
  4. Use a VPN. A VPN will create a layer of encryption hat will prevent your traffic from being monitored. This is a vital piece if you want to keep your transactions save from prying eye while in a public area.
  5. Combine all these above points to improve security as no one of this method is effective enough.

Be safe out there #BECYBERAWARE


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