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Dave Filoni’s Ahsoka Masterplan Was Changed by The Mandalorian

Ahsoka and the Mandalorian

Dave Filoni’s Ahsoka Masterplan Was Changed by The Mandalorian

Dave Filoni, the writer of the Ahsoka series, discusses how her final appearance in The Mandalorian influenced his original plans for the series. Ahsoka, the new Star Wars series created by Dave Filoni, is discussed, as well as how the film The Mandalorian influenced his writing for the character. Filoni collaborated with George Lucas to create Ahsoka Tano, the adolescent Padawan assigned to Anakin Skywalker’s supervision, for the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which premiered in 2008. Despite the fact that she wasn’t immediately popular with fans, she remained on the program for the first five seasons, and by the time Ahsoka was written out of the show, she had developed into a significant and compassionate character on the show. After her spectacular comeback in Star Wars: Rebels, which featured a violent reunion with her former master Darth Vader, Ahsoka was quickly elevated to the status of popular television character.

Dave Filoni's Ahsoka Masterplan Was Changed by The Mandalorian

Filoni’s most recent collaboration with the Star Wars universe has been on Disney+’s smash show The Mandalorian, which chronicles the story of Pedro Pascal’s bounty hunter Din Djarin and his quest to preserve the charming Yoda-lookalike Grogu, who is played by actor Pedro Pascal. Filoni has used the live-action show to bring back some of the most popular characters from his animated series, including former Dark Saber wielder Bo-Katan, who previously appeared on the small screen. During season 2 of the show, fans went berserk when Rosario Dawson appeared as Ahsoka, holding her dual lightsabers and encountering Djarin and Grogu in “Chapter 13: The Jedi,” which was broadcast on Disney Channel. Almost immediately following the character’s live-action debut, it was announced that she would star in her own Star Wars spinoff series, Ahsoka. The series will see the Jedi reuniting with Anakin (played by Hayden Christensen), possibly through a force ghost of his former self, as she embarks on her own solo adventures in the previously unexplored period following the original trilogy.

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Filoni expresses his excitement for the project while speaking with Empire about writing the new series, describing the writing process as “thrilling.” Din Djarin is the inspiration for the series, according to the writer, who admits he never expected it would come from “a guy [like] Din Djarin, or a child that looks like Yoda” when he first started thinking about it. For Filoni, the process was a “wonderful lesson” in the ways in which fellow creatives, like as Favreau, can add “dimension and depth” to a project of this nature. The following is the full quote from the creator:

It’s thrilling, I gotta tell you . It’s something you imagine doing for a long time. And then it’s kind of startling when you’re sitting there, and now you have to do it. I thought of this adventure for Ahsoka for a long time, and it’s interesting to see how it’s evolved Years ago, I never would have imagined that it was sprung from a branch of a tree that had anything to do with a guy like Din Djarin, or a child that looks like Yoda. It’s a great lesson for me on how, when you have other creatives like Jon Favreau, they can help lend such dimension and depth to what you’re doing.

Fans are eager to see what adventures lie ahead for Dawson’s Ahsoka, with her presence on The Mandolorian suggesting a rematch with Star Wars: Rebels’ malevolent Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was last seen alongside Ezra Bridger in the show’s finale, as well as a return to the galaxy far, far away. When Natasha Liu Bordizzo was cast in the role of Sabine Wren in the live-action version of Star Wars Rebels, the potential continuation of the series gained even more credibility. Katee Sackhoff, who plays Bo-Katan on The Mandalorian, has also expressed interest in seeing her character link up with Ahsoka, which is a very real possibility.

Despite the fact that Filoni’s original concepts for an Ahsoka show were drastically different, it wasn’t until the character’s memorable guest appearance on The Mandalorian that the character’s future adventures were revealed. The heroic Jedi has undoubtedly progressed throughout the years, but it appears that her influence on the Star Wars universe is really just getting started. Filoni’s work on The Mandalorian has resulted in a slew of new projects for Disney and Lucasfilm, including The Book of Boba Fett, which will be released next month. Ahsoka is presently under development, however it is anticipated that she will appear on Disney+ sometime in the following year.

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