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LAAX ski resort in Switzerland

LAAX ski resort in Switzerland

LAAX ski resort in Switzerland

The ski resort of LAAX in Switzerland is more than 30 000 feet above sea level and offers skiing and snowboarding facilities that are suitable for everyone – from novices to world champions. LAAX has played host to all of the major snowboarding and skiing competitions, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world every week. When skiing holidays became increasingly popular among western travelers in the 1970s, LAAX was there to take advantage of the newfound popularity by launching a huge marketing campaign. Millions of visitors later, LAAX is famed for their third slalom, which is affectionately nicknamed as “Death Mountain” to some. No surprise that “Death Mountain” scares even the most tenacious of skiers, with its stark vistas down the steep, tangle-filled mountainside below them.

What is the location of Laax Switzerland?

The ski resort of Laax is located in the canton of Grisons (Graubuenden), in the southeast region of Switzerland.

The resort is built around the three villages of Laax, Flims, and Falera, with the largest village of Flims being located 21 kilometers west of Chur, the cantonal capital of canton Grisons. The nearest international airport is Zurich (ZRH), which is 145 kilometers away by vehicle to the north.

By automobile or by taking a combination of the rail to Chur or Ilanz and then the bus to either Flims or Laax, Laax is easily accessible. Train and bus tickets to Chur and Laax can be found and booked here.

Attractiveness of Laax

With superb facilities for everyone, LAAX recently held the snowboarding world open, in which over 10,000 people from 60 countries around the world competed for the title of world champion. It was noteworthy that more than 100 entries came from South Asia and Africa, demonstrating the growth of the sport and increasing awareness of the area on a global scale. By the “Ski Press Magazine,” which also ranks LAAX as the third best snowboarding destination in the world, and as the most promising newcomer to freestyle snowboarding, LAAX has been voted the world’s best skiing destination for the first time. In addition, the popularity of LAAX has resulted in continuing investment by the corporation that operates the slope, which has resulted in the construction of an incredible ski lift that can carry weights of more than 80 tonnes as it climbs 30 000 feet up the mountain face. The ski lift’s distinguishing feature is its balancing system, which allows it to carry huge amounts of weight abnormally while maintaining a balanced angle and speed.

The attractiveness of LAAX is not limited to skiers and snowboarders who like the outdoors. Top music artists and DJs also travel to LAAX to take part in the spectacular events and to network with their peers. The popularity of snowboarding has given rise to a number of musicians that believe they can reach a specific audience when out on the slopes, especially at night when only flood lights keep the mountains illuminated. As the audience snowboards and skis into the early morning sunlight, the DJs provide entertainment for them. The sights and the experience are really breathtaking, and they are a surefire method to ensure that the young visitors who visit LAAX have a top-notch time.

However, it is not only the nighttime DJ sets and fireworks that excite the young skiers; there are also a variety of venues off the slopes that are specifically designed to meet their demands. In addition to the local bars, clubs, and even swimming pools, the young ones will have plenty of opportunities to have fun away from the snowy mountains of LAAX. Despite the fact that it is an excellent site for younger skiers, the location also appeals to individuals who have never skied before in their lives. Their training facilities are multi-lingual, and they offer indoor training centers where they can train first-time skiers before taking them out on the slopes. Aside from that, they have incredible training facilities for expert skiers, facilities that would surely be used by the world’s best skiers and snowboarders during the several world championships that are hosted at the resort virtually every year.

Unlike other skiing destinations, the local hotels and accommodations offer a wide variety of options, so skiers and snowboarders don’t have to limit themselves to a single option. There are youth hostels that are great for people wishing to ski on a budget, as well as 5 star hotels for those looking to live in the lap of luxury. There are also other possibilities in between these two extremes. More than simply bars, clubs, and swimming pools can be found in the LAAX area, with banks and supermarkets also easily accessible by foot or by public transportation. LAAX is said to be at its busiest during the month of August, but this is also said to be true for most of Europe’s most popular skiing destinations. As a result, it is recommended that you visit during a less crowded time of day, especially within a short period of time following the busiest period. The benefit of arriving after the peak season is that you can expect to pay approximately half the price of a similar visit at another time of the year.

A place to stay in Laax Flims Falera

At the base of the ski resort, there are at least four main settlements that provide housing, each with its own set of pros and cons. The two most important villages are Laax and Flims. Although Laax does not have direct ski lift access, Laax Base Station, which is approximately 1.5 kilometers away, does. The small settlement of Falera serves as the fourth choice for overnight accommodation in the area.

The Laax ski resort base area offers a mix of modern, creative slopeside ski -in hotels and apartments, as well as more traditional chalets and other accommodations. The rockresort (sic) is the main accommodation. A larger selection of more affordable hotels may be found in the actual village of Laax, which is about 2 kilometers distant by road from the lift base area.

A few on-mountain choices are available, but these can only be reached by cable car. Berghaus Nagens offers conventional and shared rooms in a congenial environment overlooking the village of Flims, Switzerland. Located above Laax in the heart of the unique “digital fortress” complex, the Mountain Hostel Crap Sogn Gion is a great option for parties or the younger generation.

Flims is a larger town with a diverse selection of lodging options, including ski-in/ski-out accommodations near the lower slopes. In contrast to Laax, the ski lift base is located right in town, only a short walk from the town center. Hotels and guesthouses can be found just across the street from the lift base, as well as farther into the town itself. The Hide Flims and Hillsite Hotel Flims are two of the closest lodging options to the ski lifts in the area.

Falera is a little hamlet that is ideal for people looking for a little peace and quiet while yet being within walking distance of a chairlift and other amenities.




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