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Podcast like serial | True crime podcast like serial

Podcast like serial | True crime podcast like serial

Podcast like serial | True crime podcast like serial

Podcast like serial | True crime podcast like serial

Podcast like serial | True crime podcast like serial are the next step in the evolution of the genre, enabling audiences to dig further into cases, establish their own ideas, and, on occasion, even assist the investigators in the field in the present. The finest true crime podcasts are those that make a statement about society while still presenting an engaging storyline, and those are the types of podcasts we’ve included in this list.

1. Podcast like serial Atlanta Monster

In this Podcast like serial , It is a multi-part series produced by HowStuffWorks and Tenderfoot TV that is dedicated to exploring the serial murders of black children from disadvantaged neighborhoods that occurred in the city of Atlanta from 1979 to 1981.

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2. Tom Brown’s Body

In this True crime podcast like serial, A little community in Texas has a taste of crime when the night before Thanksgiving is missing a popular 16-year-old. Nobody in the closely-knit town knows what really happened to him for two years, until his remains unexpectedly are found. Award-winning reporter Skip Hollandsworth describes the situation and why everyone appears suspect in Texas, Canada.

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3. Hunting Warhead

How do you dismantle a criminal network in the shadows? How can you rescue victims of child abuse who can be in the world anywhere? Hunting Warhead is on a worldwide crusade to reveal the deepest areas of the internet. They are shocked by what they uncover. Presenter Daemon Fairless tracks the investigators themselves, survivors and criminals. CBC Podcasts and Norwegian newspaper VG co-produced.

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4. Hollywood and Crime podcast

The sensational cold case of the Black Dahlia Serial Killer, who is believed to be responsible for the savage killing of more than a dozen women in Los Angeles during the late 1940s, is investigated on Hollywood & Crime in this episode. The inquiry in the homicide of Elizabeth Short, whose decapitated body was discovered in January 1947, serves as the show’s starting point. Tracy Pattin, the host, brings listeners beneath the shimmering Hollywood splendor and into the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, where this murderer was hiding. Those looking for a mysteries podcast to sink their teeth into will find it here — with 26 episodes lasting approximately 40 minutes each, it would be sure to satiate their thirst.

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5. Breakdown

The Breakdown podcast, produced by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is now in its sixth season of methodically dissecting true crime cases in real time environment. To get the most out of this podcast, start at the beginning and work your way through each season. Breakdown’s host, Bill Rankin, is an experienced court reporter, and it shows in the way he and his team delve deeply inside the facts and scrutinize what may be drawn from them. Breakdown is produced by Breakdown Productions. The judicial system is also given adequate attention, as is the way in which various interests are tried to be balanced in order for justice to be accomplished. There’s little doubt that Breakdown is a professionally produced and fair-minded podcast .

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6. Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

After listening to this, you might find yourself  scared. Ashley Flowers, one of the  hosts of Crime Junkie, delves into some of the most strange real crime incidences that have ever taken place in the world. Whether it’s a girl who is proclaimed dead only to wake up to a completely different language one hour later to a ghost-ridden ranch after falling down the stairs, Supernatural has it all.

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7. Brainwashed

The capacity to exert influence over another’s mind appears to be something out of a comic – book  and for the most part, it is, but not all of the time. Host Michelle Shephard investigates Project MKULTRA, widely considered to be one of the most significant conspiracies of all time. Many think that the CIA conducted multiple mind control experiments in between 1950s and the 1960s, and that the operations continued indefinitely after that.

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8. Missing in Alaska

Nobody paid close attention to the disappearance of these two legislators because Watergate took place simultaneously. So absurd that this podcaster has been looking into this case for nine years to generate this podcaster. Also incredibly wonderful, listeners are invited to inquire and provide tips to build the story and proof!

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9. Up and Vanished

In October 2005, after leaving a friend’s BBQ, Tara Grinstead, 30 year-old high school teacher, disappeared. Tara’s whereabouts has not been confirmed because her disappearance was announced and no potential witnesses were discovered until February 2017. The audio, especially interviews, can be hard to hear but the facilitator, Payne Lindsay, circles and ensures the listener receives relevant information. Given the volume of news coverage the case received, getting Grinstead’s disappearance fresh always was going to be difficult. But Lindsay achieves this by trying to break the hard shell of Ocilla, a small town in Georgia and talking directly to persons involved instead than concentrating on the old files.

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10. Accused

Elizabeth Andes was found dead in her residence in Ohio, USA, only a few days after she received her bachelor’s degree in 1978. Robert Young, her boyfriend, has confessed to her murder. He was found not guilty by two different juries. With his being accused of murder, the Cincinnati Inquirer explores if he got away with it or whether the inquiry failed to uncover the genuine perpetrator of the crime.

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11. Detective Trapp

Julissa Trapp, anaheim researcher, isn’t like other detectives. She’s the only woman in the murder squad, and a brilliant chameleon: undercover policeman in vice punching, commander of the crime-scene, patient murderer confidante. She cites her own experience – even the most profound complaints – as an instrument of confession. When a young woman’s body is recovered in a waste plant, Trapp learns that the murder is linked to three other women disappearing in Santa Ana nearby. Trapp is embarking on a difficult trip, facing a man who removes “a small piece of his soul.” The series describes a single detective on an unswerving, often lonely search for answers.

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