Home Technology Twitter buys Slack like competitor Quill

Twitter buys Slack like competitor Quill

Twitter buys Slack like competitor Quill

Twitter buys Slack like competitor Quill

Even if you’ve never heard of the messaging service Quill, it was promoted as a Discord- or Slack-style tool for team discussions that was less chaotic and more structured than the competition. Quill was only founded in February of this year, but Twitter announced today that it had purchased the platform and would be shutting it down over the weekend. The change was revealed today by Twitter’s technology general manager, Nick Caldwell, and Quill confirmed the news in a blog post on its own website.

Twitter buys Slack like competitor Quill

The fact that it will be shutting down this weekend is a remarkable turnaround; Quill is providing instructions on how to export data, which any team that has used it will undoubtedly want to do as soon as possible. ) They’ll also want to select a new messaging service that they can start using right away.)


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As a stand-alone application, the app advertised itself as “communications for people who concentrate,” and it is unclear how that objective will continue as part of Twitter. With the Quill team’s assistance, Caldwell stated that the goal was to “make messaging tools like DMs a more useful and expressive method for people to conduct conversations.” Many believe this is more of an acquisition-hire situation, in which Twitter desired to have the Quill team concentrate on Twitter’s existing products instead of developing new ones. Given how quickly Quill is being phased out, it’s evident that Twitter has no intention of investing any additional resources in the product.

In mid-November, Twitter purchased Threader, a popular service that condensed long threads of tweets into a more easily digestible format. This is the second major acquisition Twitter has made in the recent month or two. Twitter didn’t waste any time in closing down Threader, which will be decommissioned on December 15th, much like the company did with the Quill acquisition. (At the very least, it was given a longer shelf life than Quill.) Threader is scheduled to be incorporated into the Twitter Blue subscription service; it will be interesting to see whether any of Quill’s legacy gets incorporated into the service as well.

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