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What is the Best 4g network in Nigeria

What is the Best 4g network in Nigeria

What is the Best 4G network in Nigeria

The List of Best 4G Network Providers In Nigeria

1. Airtel Network

Airtel Network is thought to be Nigeria’s third largest telecommunications business. And, contrary to popular belief, it is currently ranked first on this list of the best 4G network providers. It’s likely to stay that way for a while, at least till 9Mobile, Glo, MTN, or any other network operator becomes better.

Airtel Network, on the other hand, not only delivers data but also has a larger 4G presence. It has been noted that the Airtel 4G network is available practically everywhere the Airtel network is accessible.

2. MTN Network

There is no doubt that MTN Nigeria is Nigeria’s largest telecommunications business. They have a larger consumer and a wider distribution network. The fact that they are ranked second may come as a surprise in light of this context. Yes, they’re here, and unless they make a few tweaks, they may even fall further down the list than they now do.

MTN Nigeria is one of the most reliable networks in the country, in my opinion. Excellent customer service, as well as a well-designed website and mobile apps. When it comes to data, MTN offers a plethora of options to all of its clients, which is impressive.

MTN’s 4G network, on the other hand, isn’t even available in some cities, at least not yet. There is no 4G network in several key cities, thus we have to ask why Nigeria’s largest firm would not have it.


3. Glo Network

Glo Network is a Nigerian-owned telecommunications business. They’re renowned as the “grand masters of data,” and anyone who has used the Glo Network knows why. Glo would easily be at the top of our list if it were only about data caps and volume, but it’s much more than that.

Glo or Globacom, on the other hand, offers “Plenty Data” at “Cheap Prices” to Nigerians. However, Glo’s networks are not always available, especially in rural locations, when you need them.

4. 9Mobile Network

Previously known as Etisalat, Nigeria’s 9Mobile Network is one of the country’s four largest telecommunications providers. They have a good network and can be found in most major cities.

9mobile is one of the 4G Network Providers in Nigeria, which is now ranked number four. With 9mobile network, you’ll get lightning-fast download and upload speeds.

Complaints about their data being depleted quickly have been made, though. This allegation is apparently linked to the MTN and Airtel networks, as well.

To be fair to the network providers, we believe this is what happens when you have a very fast network on a device that is update hungry ( many applications and services wants to download the most recent update by default). Streaming is done seamlessly which tells on the data.

Furthermore, There are severe issues with 9Mobile’s availability in rural locations. As a result, if you leave the city, 9Mobile’s network will be rendered unusable.

5. Smile Network

One of Nigeria’s fastest-growing telecom companies is Smile Network. For the time being, their network services are only available in a limited number of locations. Their network, on the other hand, spans a larger region than that of the other providers.

Imagine spending 30 days on an unlimited data plan. You don’t have to worry capping out your data plan because there’s no limit on how much data you may use. Smile truly makes some people smile.

6. NTel Network

Ntel Network, one of Nigeria’s newest telecommunications companies, is only completely active in two states and the Federal Capital Territory, according to Ntel. You cannot use the NTel network unless you are in Lagos State, Port Harcourt State, or Abuja.

While they are currently continuing to expand their coverage in Nigeria, NTel offers a good 4G network in the areas listed above. In reality, their data plans are actually unlimited. When we say unlimited, we’re referring to the fact that there is no data cap.

7. Spectranet Network

Spectranet Network is a rapidly expanding telecommunications firm. It’s similar to Swift and NTel, but it’s bigger. They have a number of partnerships with different businesses that make it even easier for customers to pay for their purchases online.

There plans include:

More from here 

8.Swift Network

Swift Network is a fast-growing Nigerian telecommunications firm. This network’s network connectivity sounds just like its name. Swift is a good option if you wish to have a smooth and fast internet connection. However, they, like NTel Network, only cover a portion of Nigeria.

However, they appear to have a bigger service area than NTel Network. The Swift network is known for its unlimited data plans, data promotions, and business plans, to name a few.

Smile Data bundle could be found from here


Best 4G network in Nigeria from Statistics

In the telecoms broadband category, Airtel Nigeria has been rated the fastest network. This rating was recently made public by Ookla, a leading company in mobile and broadband network analysis and intelligence, testing tools, and technologies.

Airtel Nigeria has a speed of 33.43mbps, according to Ookla’s latest Q3 2021 market assessment on the state of Nigeria’s mobile and fixed networks. As a result, it is the fastest of the country’s broadband networks. This represents a 17 percent increase over the figures of the first half of  the year 2021.

From the 27.18mbps speed score in the first quarter of 2021 to the 28.82mbps speed score in the second quarter of the same year, the numbers demonstrate constant, significant growth.

Best 4g network in nigeria
Image Credit : www.ookla.com

MTN Nigeria is ranked second in this report for the fastest network speed. In the first, second, and third quarters, the yellow network had speed score ratings of 18.70 Mbps, 25.87 Mbps, and 26.15 Mbps, respectively. Glo and 9mobile, two more Nigerian cellular providers, with speed score ratings of 11.72 Mbps and 10.21 Mbps, respectively.


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Airtel said in a statement that its subscribers’ high data usage may be to blame for the low speed ranking. In the first quarter of 2021, its data sales jumped 26% to $152 million, up from $120 million, according to the company. Approximately 35.4% of the company’s total revenue was generated from this data revenue. The average monthly data use for each user increased from 1.9 GB to 3.2 GB.

Additionally, data revenue increased by 48.8% to $171 million in the second quarter of the year, up from $152 million in the first quarter. This was the fastest-growing area of the telecommunications business by far. Increased ARPU for data and an increase in average data consumption per user fueled the gain, which amounted to a 41.5 percent increase in ARPU for data.

Best 4g network Nigeria Consistency Score

Airtel has overtaken MTN to become the broadband service with the greatest consistency score for mobile devices. In comparison to MTN, which had an 82.7 percent consistency score, the broadband earned an 89.4 percent consistency score.

Consistency of service is as important as speed when evaluating a network as a whole. For fixed broadband or mobile networks, we utilize the Consistency Score to determine which ones deliver a constant level of service. Depending on the kind of network, it shows how many of a provider’s data samples meet minimal download and upload speeds. The higher a service provider’s Consistency Score, the more probable it is that a customer would be satisfied with their internet service.

best 4g in nigeria consistency score
Image Credit : www.ookla.com

Compared to the previous quarter, when Airtel’s consistency score was 82.5%, which was 0.9% lower than MTN’s, this is an increase of 7%.


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