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Foundation 2021 tv Series review and trailer

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Foundation 2021 tv Series Review

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A band of exiles discovers that defying the Empire is the only way to preserve the Galactic Empire from extinction in Foundation.

Foundation 2021  Episode 1 : The Emperor’s Peace

Trantor, the galactic empire’s capital and home to the renowned Hari Seldon, the originator of the predictive mathematics discipline known as psychohistory, the prodigy Gaal Dornick journeys there as a reward for answering a centuries-old conjecture.

Their models forecast the inevitable downfall of the Empire as a result of stagnation induced by generations of Emperor Cleon I clone rule, and the Empire wants to discredit psychohistory, so they are both arrested on treason charges.

Trantor’s space elevator, the Starbridge, is destroyed by apparent terrorists from the fighting Periphery kingdoms of Anacreon and Thespis, but Brother Day (Emperor Cleon XII) spares them both. Instead, Dornick validates the model of Seldon and convicts both. Seldon and Dornick are sent to the world of Terminus on the Periphery, where they are tasked with creating the “Foundation,” a collection of human knowledge that Seldon believes would hasten the end of the Dark Ages that will follow the Empire’s fall.

Foundation 2021 tv Series Episode 2: Preparing to Live

A slow spacecraft carries Seldon and his followers to Terminus, where they prepare for their new existence on the desolate earth. Raych, Seldon’s adopted son, is alarmed when Dornick explains to him that the psychohistory model is insufficient.

Raych stabs Seldon to death in his rooms one night, and Dornick discovers it. Afterwards, Raych whisks the bemused Dornick away in an escape pod before launching her from the spaceship. Even as they try to figure out who was behind the Starbridge attack, the Empire is unable to pin the blame on Seldon or the governments of Anacreon and Thespis.

A public execution, with orbital bombardments on their homeworlds, is carried out by Brother Day in spite of Brother Dusk (Cleon XI) pleading that the incarcerated representatives from the two kingdoms be offered clemency instead.

Foundation 2021 Episode 3 : The Mathematician’s Ghost

A ponderous spacecraft carries Seldon and his followers to Terminus, where they prepare for their new existence on the desolate earth. Raych, Seldon’s adopted son, is alarmed when Dornick explains to him that the psychohistory model is insufficient. Raych stabs Seldon to death in his rooms one night, and Dornick discovers it.

Afterwards, Raych whisks the bemused Dornick away in an escape pod before launching her from the spaceship. Even as they try to figure out who was behind the Starbridge attack, the Empire is unable to pin the blame on Seldon or the governments of Anacreon and Thespis. In spite of Brother Dusk (Cleon XI) pleading for leniency for the two kingdoms’ jailed delegations, Brother Day decides to execute all save the two ambassadors in public, while simultaneously bombarding their homeworlds from space.

Foundation 2021 Episode 4: Barbarians at the Gate

Halima Ifa, a top candidate to become the next Proxima of the main religion of Luminism, revives a traditional, pre-Imperial dogma that states clones of a human do not possess souls, putting the Cleon bloodline in jeopardy. This theological issue, together with a violent insurgency in Trantor’s still-devastated lower levels, satisfies two important portents of the Empire’s demise that Hari Seldon mentioned during his trial.

Brother Day becomes irritated with Brother Dusk, believing that his elder sowed the seeds of these difficulties decades ago by acting rashly and ignoring Seldon’s cautions. While Day travels to Trantor to attend the Luminist Conclave and support Ifa’s rival, Dusk sent Imperial spies to the Foundation, which has gone silent. Hardin outwits the Anacreons on Terminus and captures their commander, Grand Huntress Phara Keaen, who claims she merely wants the colony ship’s navigation computer to help her people find a new homeworld.

Soldiers from Anacreon erect a gun along the outside fence of Terminus City. At addition, the Vault begins to show Hardin glimpses of a kid in Trantor’s Imperial Library, where Seldon worked, on an irregular basis. A ship encounters Gaal Dornick’s escape pod in outer space.

Foundation 2021 Episode 5 : Upon Awakening

Release date: October 15, 2021

Gaal Dornick has been obliged to execute a former instructor who was discovered scavenging literature from a closed university in the past. Synnax’s religion has left her disillusioned, so she educates herself in secret and enters a math competition. Dornick awakens after 34 years of cryosleep onboard the fully automated spacecraft Raven, which Raych had constructed. She hears that Raych was executed for the murder of Hari, and the galaxy suspects her of being a co-conspirator.

She stumbles finds a wounded but seemingly alive Hari after deducing that the Raven is going for Hari’s homeworld of Helicon. The Imperial spacecraft Aegis reaches orbit at Terminus and detects the presence of Anacreon. When the Aegis commander, Dorwin, learns of Phara’s captivity, he demands to speak with her, prompting the Foundation personnel to transport her from her cell to Foundation Tower.

Phara enters Terminus City and disables the city’s fence, revealing that her ultimate goal is to destroy the Foundation in retaliation for the Empire’s neutron bombardment of Anacreon, which killed her parents and brother. The Anacreon forces rush the city, and the Aegis is shot down by their flak cannon.

Episode 6 : Death and the Maiden

Release date: October 22, 2021

Brother Day has arrived to The Maiden, the holy moon at the heart of the Luminist faith, and will spend the night there. Initially, he attempts to discredit Zephyr Halima by offering to establish a moon-wide desalination system in honor of the moderate Zephyr Gilat, but Halima eventually obtains the upper hand after giving a stirring eulogy to the late Proxima Opal, which indirectly critiques Imperial cloning. Upon arriving to Trantor, Brother Dawn pursues a romantic relationship with Azura Odile, the daughter of the royal gardener, and reveals his most intimate secret: he unexpectedly possesses tiny genetic characteristics, such as color blindness, that distinguish him from all prior Cleon clones.

Aegis wreckage on Terminus, where the Anacreons rescue Dorwin and gather colonists with the skills essential to repair and man the Invictus, a long-lost Imperial cruiser that Phara’s people have discovered and plan to use to launch an attack on the Empire. Salvor escapes from the city with the assistance of two children, and he chooses to board the Anacreon corvettes in order to strand Phara on the island. During the mission, Salvor is hit by a vision that reveals that the murder of Hari Seldon was part of Seldon’s plan for the Foundation, but that the escape pod Gaal seized was intended for Raych instead of Seldon himself.

In Salvor’s absence, her father Abbas makes the ultimate sacrifice by detonating the corvettes. Salvor and her lover, the Thespin trader Hugo, are eventually caught by Phara and forced to pilot Hugo’s ship to the Anthor Belt, where they are killed by Phara.

Episode 7: Mysteries and Martyrs

Release date: October 29, 2021

The 700-year-old ghost ship Invictus is boarded and explored by Salvor and Phara’s group, but not without fatalities; Hugo is lost during the spacewalk crossing, and Dorwin is slain by Phara after he unseals the vessel. The decreasing party of Anacreons and colonists head to the bridge to take control of the Invictus, which is only hours away from making a random jump to a possibly fatal destination. Brother Day is frustrated by his inability to control the disobedient Halima on The Maiden, so he tries to outshine her by performing Luminism’s most sacred trip. On Trantor, Azura encourages Brother Dawn to consider fleeing with her, despite his continual worry of being replaced by another clone if his individuality is revealed. The current Hari Seldon is revealed to be a digital replica of the departed Hari’s consciousness aboard the Raven. When Gaal was discovered, the copy was placed in the dagger Raych used to kill him, and then uploaded onto the ship. Gaal and Raych’s unexpected romance had thrown a wrench in Hari’s plans for the Foundation: Hari was supposed to commit suicide to mythologize himself, Raych was supposed to carry the knife to the Raven, and Gaal was supposed to lead the Foundation through its first crisis on Terminus. Raych had been convinced by Hari to murder him instead, in order to separate the pair. The revelation that Gaal has a latent precognitive ability temporarily calms Gaal’s fury at her mentor’s manipulation.

Episode 8: The Missing Piece

Release date: November 5, 2021

The Invictus has finally reached the bridge, and the group on board is relieved. Meanwhile, Hugo has arrived safely at a communications relay and has requested assistance from his fellow soldiers. The Invictus leaps into the unknown just as the Thespins launch an attack and Phara and Salvor engage in combat with one another.

Hari reveals on the Raven that he intends to construct a secret second Foundation on the planet Helicon, which has been nicknamed “Star’s End” due to its orbit around a black hole, although he does not go further detail. Gaal becomes enraged and impatient, and she compels Hari to allow her to depart in the escape pod, after which she sets a course towards Synnax that will take 138 years to complete.

Brother Day completes the Spiral, a grueling trek to a desert cave pool, and claims to have seen a vision of a sacred flower from Luminism’s triple-goddess, who he believes is the source of the vision. Days vision is interpreted by the Zephyrs as a heavenly declaration of his existence, which makes any future criticism of Imperial cloning by a Luminist blasphemy, as well as ensuring Zephyr Gilat’s rise to the position of Proxima.

Day completes his win by ordering his robot majordomo, Eto Demerzel, to assassinate Halima in a clandestine operation. Demerzel is a faithful Luminist who admires and respects Halima. She is profoundly troubled by the demand, but she is bound to obey because of her programming to follow Halima. As they leave The Maiden behind, Day reflects on his experience in the cave, admitting that he had no vision at all, and a sad Demerzel communicates to him that she is aware of the deceit and disapproves. Day and Demerzel then depart the cave together.

Episode 9: The First Crisis

Release date: November 12, 2021

As a result of Lewis Pirenne’s selfless sacrifice, the Invictus appears over Terminus. With Hugo by his side, Salvor returns to Terminus to disable the Vault, which has encased the entire planet in a null field, and returns to Earth. After realizing that Dusk knows his secret, Brother Dawn sets out to pursue Azura, but he falls into the hands of a conspiracy that’s been waiting for him. Anti-Empire organization Azura was a part of changed Dawn’s DNA before he was born with the hope that he would leave the palace one day. Dawn’s Imperial nanobots might be extracted and implanted into a clone of Cleon who would then acquire Dawn’s identity as a result. Dusk arrives with Imperial forces and kills the conspirators and their fake Cleon as Dawn is left in sorrow. Dusk leaves Dawn’s fate in the hands of Brother Day, who returns from his journey. After solving the mystery of the Vault, Salvor transforms it into an intergalactic doorway on Terminus. A proposal from Salvor to use the Invictus to offer all three worlds leverage against the Empire is presented to the assembled Anacreons, Thespines, and Termini When Phara tries to demolish the Vault, Salvor shoots him dead. Hari Seldon comes from the portal before any further violence can take place.

Episode 10: The Leap

Release date: November 19, 2021




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