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7 Things To Avoid Telling Your Boyfriend

7 things to avoid telling your bf

7 Things To Avoid Telling Your Boyfriend

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In this 7 things to avoid telling your boyfriend article, we start by identifying that Communication has being said to be the best approach to follow in a relationship with a partner and not having this quality alone can potentially lead to a strenuous relationship and even a major contributor in ending the relationship.

Telling your partner things about your past is a controversial discussion as the dynamism of human nature can affect the outcomes to what is being said to the partner.

While we are saying that keeping secrets can lead to mistrust as suggested by Dr. Lisa Firestone. We have outline some thing should not tell your boyfriend at all or what you don’t tell them when the relationship is new.

1. Don’t tell your boyfriend how bad your life was before he came into it.

One of the thing to avoid telling your boyfriend in a new relationship is how bad your life has being. If you have have made some wrong choice before you meet him, it would be be good to not spill how unhappy you are from your previous relationship.

What now happens if he ask you questions about your previous relationship which many boyfriends will ask.

One of the approach to take is to genuinely tell him you are not willing to discus about. While this response can go bad and quickly build a mistrust feeling to the guy and this could even lead o an end of the relationship and some guy will rather know how your past life was to either not repeat same mistake or have an idea who he entering relationship with. Anyhow this goes, you as a lady should be prepared for the outcomes.

As this point is always a sensitive topic of discussion, it could be proper to understand your partner before discussing matters relating to your past.

2. Don’t tell him how you and your ex were having fun before he met you

Don’t tell him how you and your ex were having fun before he met you, it sometimes make men feel like they will never be able to fill that shoe left by your ex. too much expectation, the relationship will be doomed before you even start.

While it is important to discus your heart desires and expectations with regards to your relationship, it would be important to avoid telling your boyfriend details how you and your former boyfriends do things.

Transferring your activities from your previous relationship will have some negative outcomes. These outcome could include:

  • Your current boyfriend thinking you are comparing him and your other guys
  • Your current boyfriend thinking you have not truly leave your last relationship behind
  • You current boyfriend loosing being himself because you have set serious of standard for him to meet.

We strongly advice you know how adventurous your current boyfriend is and how willing he is to learn from you in relation to your activities with your former boyfriends, else don’t bring it up.

3. Don’t tell him you are saving yourself for marriage

When it comes to the value of a person it is not a advisable to negotiate it, it could be a disaster to end up with a partner you don’t share same values. So if you are saving yourself for marriage don’t tell your boyfriend on the first date. What now happens if the topic comes  during your initial relationship days? Do not be afraid of your values or your decision to have sexual form of relationship or not.

Telling your partner you are keeping yourself for marriage and then few months in the relation you also start requesting for sex also makes you not a trusted  person.

While this point is also important to find the best time to have the discussion. A bad timing could push the guy away before getting to know you. If the guy seem to have your own type of desire and and he doesn’t have a problem with the topic don’t hesitate to gist on.


4. Don’t tell your boyfriend about your attractive female friends

Don’t tell your boyfriend about your attractive female friends. it sends an oblique message to the guy you are dating to take a look at them.

Telling your current boyfriend about how attractive your female friends are will only cause more trouble. You are testing the guy, please don’t test the guy. Planting a picture of beauty that is not related to your beauty will only make a lot of boyfriends actually start looking at those your friends to confirm your statement.

From looking some boyfriends will end up taking a step further. Please don’t tempt the guy to fall.

5. Don’t always compliment your boyfriend’s friend

On this point of the 7 Things To Avoid Telling Your Boyfriend, ladies should not always compliment their boyfriend’s friend. Guys who are easily jealous of how their girlfriends will relate with other males counterpart will take an offence when you are overly complimenting even their friends. Depending on the kind of personality your partner have and his relationship with his own friends be careful how you compliment his friends.

6. Don’t tell your boyfriend to prove his love to you

6. Don’t tell your boyfriend to prove his love to you, the fact that you are in a healthy relationship should suffice.

As this question is both shallow and question if you are the right partner for him. Pressure from what is not agreed or discussed only proves that you were in the relation for the wrong reasons. Telling your boyfriend to prove his love by doing some out of the ordinary or an activity that could potentially cause harm or what he is unwilling to do is only making you a manipulative girl girlfriend.

7. Choose Your friends or me

Forgetting that before you came to his life, he already had a circle of influence, The advising and motivating committee and his guys will be a very unwise move to tell him to choose between his friends and you. Its an unfair statement to be uttered a it also indicate a very high state of an unhealthy relationship.

Most guys will see through this and respond negatively. If having a friend is negatively impacting his life and in turn his relationship with you, you could look make him see the reasons.

Just imagine your boyfriend stop having time for his friends and being in your space all he time. You will also loose that time you have for yourself.


Secrets in relationship can turn to a habit that can be impact a relationship negatively or positively. We want our readers to understand that you need to understand the kind of relationship you have, the kind of partner you have.

Does your partner get angry when they hear of things you did or they empathize, sympathize or show genuine interest.

You as lady should know your partner better, you should also access every situation you find yourself adding into consideration both you and the your partners value, desires, expectations and requirement to have a good relationship.

Knowledge,  communication are discernment are necessary for you to say what you have to say or what you shouldn’t but till next time we have outline the 7 things to avoid telling your boyfriend.

As none of these points can be application to all relationships you should be sure identify what works for you.

Now you know our 7 Things To Avoid Telling Your Boyfriend.

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